A Message From Women To Men: It's A Level Playing Field

by Minnie Keller

Sexual objectification has garnered a generally common mistreatment of women everywhere. With the media as a central focus of attention for easily molded and misguided minds, Americans are mirror images of the sexist opinions expressed through these outlets. Females are experiencing the poor treatment that has resulted from desensitization of sexual objectification, yet we, as women and human beings, are not, and will never be, desensitized to being treated as inferior to men. Contrary to common stereotyping implications, women are not objects.

Women face sexual objectification and sexist behaviors in every aspect of life. A female CEO walks into a coffee shop for a caffeine fix, and her day is ruined before it begins thanks to the man who makes a comment about how nicely that dress hugs her ass. An 18-year-old girl is publicly humiliated and labeled as a slut because of a jealous ex-boyfriend. A young woman graduates college at the top of her class and is harassed by male coworkers every day at the job she always wanted. There are incidents of sexual objectification and sexism all around us.

Much of the sexism towards women today is hidden underneath the offensive opinions spit carelessly from the mouths of so many men. Does a man stop to first consider how his audacious comment might make a woman feel uncomfortable? There is no exception for distasteful remarks regarding a woman's appearance. If you choose to express your undesired opinions, and the woman snaps at you in contempt, that is her way of defending herself and every other woman in the world, who is tired of coming across men like you.

Rather than maybe taking a second before opening your mouth, or stepping back to realize that you have made yourself into an assh*le after the fact, you immediately jump to the conclusion that a woman is just sensitive and dramatic. Why are women labeled as emotional wrecks? Maybe all men should be labeled as insensitive and cold-hearted. No, that would be unfair because clearly, men have emotions, but some are more apt to show them than others.

Although, the general consensus here that is proven by the overarching issue of sexual objectification, is that the manly way to behave is to objectify and harass women. So, when a woman reacts with strong disapproval of a man's forward assertions, she must be overreacting, right? Wrong.

A woman expresses her emotions because that is what women do best. We are nurturing and caring creatures that make men feel better after a bad day due to their favorite team losing the game, rather than suggesting how much of a pussy he is because he's in a sh*tty mood over something so trivial. Yet, when women are visibly upset by a man's inability to make the smallest gesture, or devastated by the selfish decision to cheat, we are so easily referred to as dramatic and irrational.

Women are not objects. We have feelings. Feelings that can be translated into real life human emotions. Actions and words do cause equal amounts of hurt. Crude behavior and degrading commentary leave a mark that ignites our emotions, just as much as your team that lost the game ignites yours -- can you believe it?

A woman has as much sexual freedom as a man does, and damn it, she's entitled to it. Why is it that a man can sleep with a new woman every night, but a woman's sexual freedom is limited and often criticized? This is a level playing field. Women are sexual human beings who thrive on love and affection as much as every man in this world. What right do men have to pass judgment on our sexual lives? The choices that a woman makes are decided upon at her own will and consideration. If a woman is horny, you better believe that she will seek out the perfect prospect to satisfy her desires as quickly as you would yours.

We, as women, crave sexual satisfaction as often as men do. What makes you believe that a man's needs come before those of a woman? The first thing that comes to a man's mind when things get heated is getting a little oral pleasure before he has her turn over to take it to the next level. Here's the thing: it's not all about you. This whole sex thing involves two of us, and while women might sometimes enjoy being a little dominated, we also like to take charge. Have a little consideration and keep in mind that I have a clitoris, which may not swell up when I'm horny, but it's down there screaming for attention.

Understand that while a woman might have as much sexual drive as a man, that does not open the door to discussion of what goes on in her bedroom. Any inquisitive questions your one-track mind may conjure up should remain in the realm of your curiosity. Any sexual presumptions or generalizations  you may have about women do not grant you permission to treat her as any less of a respected human being.

There is no unwritten rule in some unpublished book that grants men the permission to sexually objectify women. It seems as though men are more passionate about women as the objects of their own sexuality, rather than the subjects. Women explore their sexuality, just as every man in this world does and we should be respected for doing so. This is a level playing field. Enough of the sexual objectification. Let us hump without judgment.