The Best Places To Pull Off A Quickie

by Anonymous

Being a part of a generation that’s full of spontaneity, hormonal tendencies, and an insatiable sexual appetite, is certainly entertaining at the least. If you haven’t experienced the pleasure of a “quickie” yet, it will only be a matter of time as no one can the resist the excitement of getting it on in a non-conventional location.

So I’m here to fill you in on the pro's and con's of some of the more popular spots.

The Bathroom:

Probably the most glorified in the movies, a quickie in the bathroom may be cliché but it's definitely the most convenient choice. Almost everywhere you could possibly go has a bathroom. You have a sink or a vanity for leverage and a mirror to watch yourself in.

Sounds pretty hot to me. Just be careful not to turn on the sink by mistake, the whole point of this act is not to have to get your pants soaked.

Your Car:

Hopefully you’re not going to try this whilst driving but if you happen to be going out with a group of friends and get there early with the girl you drove, you can just do it in the back seat! Maybe a car is an afrodisiac in itself because there's just something about doing it in a car that seems so adventurous and gratifying.

Guys might love cars and speed more than sex but when you combine the sex with the car, it’s euphoric for both parties. What’s more fun to a guy than grinding you into their car’s fresh leather? And we all know girls are very visual creatures, so the shape of that gearshift combined with the sleek grooves of the seats might just put them over the edge.

Your Parents' House:

Tis' the season you can’t avoid your family. Whether it’s in your old bedroom, the bathroom, on the washing machine, your parents' house is a playground of different interesting locations to do the dirty deed. Be careful not to get caught though, apparently that shit is “disrespectful.”

The Office:

This one really only applies in a few situations and comes with some strict conditions. The first condition requires either you or your “lover” to have an office with a door that can be locked. This a terrible place to get caught, as it could ruin your career and overall well being as a result.

Another condition: if you’re new at the company and spontaneously sleeping with someone above you, be careful not to get burned. You don’t want it to end badly and lose your job. For this one you must proceed with caution.

A Taxi:

Sometimes you leave the bar or club with your one night stand and just cannot wait the five or so minutes it will take to get home. Luckily for you, most cab drivers enjoy the free show and won’t mind. It's something they are used to seeing. The best part is, even if you can’t seem to finish, the walk from the cab to the bedroom just adds to the sexual tension.

A Dressing Room:

I know a lot of girls like to make their men come shopping with them. The reason most girls dress nicely is for men to notice their body so who better to bring shopping with you than a man. The problem is, men hate shopping for hours so why not spice it up and invite him into the dressing room?

Let him push you up against the mirror and give it to you quick! Just like the bathroom, the mirror is a huge turn on and will help him stick out a long day of shopping for at least another hour.

An Alley:

Another spot that is extremely cliché and amplified by books and movies is the smoky, dark, mysterious alley. I don’t even know if this one needs an explanation. If you don’t want to be pushed up against a cold brick wall you should see a therapist.

The darkness will amplify most of your senses, so all those nerve endings will be twice as sensitive in a situation like this. It’s one that’s definitely on my bucket list and if you haven’t done it yet, it should be on yours too.

An Elevator:

Last but not least, I assume the reader’s favorite, the elevator. Sexual tension builds as the elevator rises floor by floor and both parties just feel the need to let out all the tension being in elevator creates. Hopefully you live high up or you might have some problems. This act cannot be completed on a one-floor ride. It can be a small compact area but I’m sure you’ll manage. Maybe you’ll even get some sensual elevator music to go along with it!

If you haven’t thought about having sex in any of these places, you’re either married or boring. Need to spice up your sex life? Try one of these spots and I guarantee you’ll be feeling more adventurous and proud, regardless of how quickly you finish.

Sara Dimaggio | Elite.