5 Non-Traditional And Awesome Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day

February is here and Valentine’s Day is near. You know the drill. Typically, we celebrate this day of love by exchanging cards, candy, flowers and jewelry.

If you are in a relationship and your significant other has subtly (or not so subtly) hinted that he or she would like to receive any of the above, go for it to avoid the risk of getting dumped!

But what if your circumstances are different this February 14? Maybe Cupid's arrow hasn’t struck you just yet, or you can't wait to give or get the classic gifts, but wouldn't mind trying something more original.

Consider the following five alternative ways to celebrate the love in your life.

1. Celebrate your friends.

Throw a coed Valentine’s Day party or a GNO (Girls Night Out). Just because you have a different kind of love with your besties than you might with a non-platonic love, doesn’t mean it can’t also be celebrated.

2. Invest in yourself.

Hit up the beauty counters and try a new product. This could be anything­ — an iconic red lipstick that screams kiss me now, a shimmery powder that gives you a glow that no Instagram filter could or falsies (and no, I’m talking about lashes!). For guys, this could be a new shaving kit or a tie. Celebrating love means loving yourself and feeling attractive. This feeling must come from within, but adding something to your exterior can give you a supplemental boost, which can go a long way.

3. Get creative for a cause.

Help make Valentine’s Day cards or a playlist for a local hospital or charitable organization. Do it with your significant other, family or friends. You may also consider sending greeting cards through companies that give to nonprofit organizations. Some people need a little more love than others (and your contributions can help make a difference in their lives).

4. Convert your emotional energy.

Whether you’re feeling the aftereffects from your last breakup or that can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, heart-racing love, a little exercise-induced sweating can help you relax when that glass — or bottle — of wine doesn’t do the trick. Channel your feelings in a positive way by loving your body.

5. Read or write about love.

No matter how many relationships you’ve been in or how long you’ve been with your partner (or how happily single you are), you might learn something new by reading about love, whether it’s romantic love or the love you have with friends and family. On the flip side, writing down your own experiences and points of view on the subject can be cathartic and can potentially help others. Spread the love!

Photo via Favim