The Ways You Can Spice Up Your Love Life

by Minnie Keller

Did you and your boo-thing recently get into a big fight? Have you not had sex in what seems like forever? Are you really just tired of the same routine positions every time you two are getting it on?

After a while, all relationships fall victim to temporary lulls in the area of intimacy. Whether you're trying to resolve an ongoing issue, or you're just thirsty for the spark that brought you two together in the first place, the solution doesn't always come easily (pun intended). To assist with the sexual healing, we're bringing you five sassy and sexy ways to spice up your love life.

Turn sex into an everlasting work of art.

Artist and South-African native, Jeremy Brown, is bringing couples a thrilling and memorable way to turn it up in the bedroom with his project, LOVE IS ART. After posting an interesting piece of art in his home, Brown sparked interest in a close friend who was curious how exactly he created the painting. The artist went on to explain that the unique piece was produced by two lovers covered in paints, as they laid out on canvas during intimacy to create the resulting image.

Brown's idea was inspired by a French artist in the 1960s, Yves Klein, as well as the ever loved Andy Warhol. The artist put together a package of materials and short directions for his friend to recreate the painting with her husband on their anniversary, and LOVE IS ART was born. After six months of further developing his product, Brown successfully produced a safe project for lovers everywhere to enjoy that includes a treated non-allergic cotton canvas, along with specially-formulated, non-toxic paints.

Brown believes that, "Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open does love. Love is art." So, are you looking for a way to literally get down and dirty with your lover? Learn more about LOVE IS ART at and get freakishly creative.

Get sweaty with a sexual fitness class.

Have you ever noticed that during some ab-strengthening exercises, you feel slightly tingly in the lower regions? Not to fear, you are not the only one! If you haven't experienced a little horniness after these exercises, we swear, it's completely normal! Either way, this is a judgment-free zone, and we're letting you in on a little secret to amping up your sex life.

Before getting ahead of yourself, you should keep in mind that sexual fitness classes are not any kind of freaky undercover pornography course. In fact, any exercise class that engages the pelvic region is beneficial to not only your sex life, but your physical and mental health, as well. Many exercises work toward improving your stamina and energy, which in turn, contribute to your ability to experience lasting pleasure and perform with greater passion.

If you can't find a quirky class that specifically focuses on sexual fitness, try a new routine where you and your lover work out together a few times a week. Not only are you and your partner spending some good quality bonding time together, but the mix of endorphins is sure to spice up the work out session for both of you. Even better, the post-exercise sex will be that much more passionate.

Be saucy, sneaky, secretive.

Time for a little bit of role playing. If your relationship is already being kept secret, you're one step ahead of us. Turn it up a notch with a little sneaky, secretive action. Pretend that you and your partner need to keep quiet about your intimate encounters, and it won't be long until you're both feeling a little naughty and in the mood.

Shoot each other some dirty texts throughout the day. Let your lover know that you can't stop thinking about what you plan to do to them later on -- divulge a little detail to get them excited. Get sneaky and get intimate in random places. Definitely don't go down on your lover in the middle of Central Park, but maybe a bathroom in Central Park would be acceptable, or the car might be a more private option. The point is, a sure way to spice it up is by turning on the attitude, embracing a little role playing and getting a little risky.

Plan a bangin' night. (Pun intended, again. This is too fun.)

If the love has been lacking lately, maybe one big night of romance is exactly what you need. Plan a night with your lover that includes anything and everything you both fantasize about. Tonight's the night to go all out. Buy the candles, the rose petals, the oils, the strawberries and cream, the chocolate syrup and maybe a blindfold if you want things to get a little kinky.

Start off with a bath, maybe some alternating massages, and possibly a little teasing to get the mood going, then let the love lead the way. Looking for a couple ways to switch it up? Try sucking on an ice cube before going down on your partner -- the alternating sensations are unexpected and keep the energy up. You could always get a little bossy if your lover has gotten a little predictable, and vocalize exactly what you want mid-sex.

Not only will your spot be satisfied, but your bossiness will also keep your partner feeling totally turned on by your confidence and wanting more of it. Sometimes all you need to heat things up again is a little effort. Put in the work, and soon enough you'll be blessed with the climax you've been waiting for.

Embark on a sex-filled getaway.

Maybe you've both been feeling a little tense lately, or maybe you're in a long-distance relationship and the time apart is really starting to take a toll. Whatever it is that's dragging you and your boo's love life down, one way to heat things back up in the bedroom is by taking a much-needed vacation. Even if you can't take much time off work, a short weekend trip will do the trick.

A little time away from reality and the presence of your partner without a worry in the world will have you feeling more in the mood and wanting to rekindle the love. Playing around in the water, wearing next-to-nothing in a bathing suit, getting a couple's massage on the beach and spending an entire day wrapped up in each other in bed are just a few ways to ignite the spark again. Take full advantage of a romantic getaway, no matter how short-lived it might be. Be naughty, be sexy and be endlessly affectionate with your love.