The 4 Actual Reasons Women Aren't Answering Your Texts

by Samuel Waller

Why do women fail to reply to your messages? Initially, I planned to write this post from the perspective of an aggravated male who had been in the position to be left hanging.

You all know the type — the needy guy who messages girls constantly, rarely receiving a reply and who may feel compelled to buy girls drinks in exchange for conversation. However, the more I thought, the more I understood why women so often do not respond. Check out these four reasons:

1. They are bombarded with similar messages.

Imagine signing into Facebook only to find a handful of unread messages from numerous guys, all of whom are interested in “catching up for a coffee” or “wanting to hang out.”

Guys shoot themselves in the foot by being unmemorable and asking for what everyone else is offering. We need to offer something different to be attention grabbing, so rather than saying something along the lines of “let’s catch up,” learn about the woman’s interests and suggest to do something to reflect them.

2. Once women know they can have you, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

If she knows she can have you, you automatically become a backburner prospect — you’re just not that exciting to her.

So, never provide her with too much information and don't be afraid to leave things up in the air. Don't confuse this with coming across as indecisive — indifference can be enticing and it’ll make her more likely to engage with you.

3. You're not mysterious enough.

Many women find a little mystery to be sexy. If you are constantly messaging with a female, some of the intrigue is lost (probably for both parties). Have something up your sleeve because after a while, small talk doesn’t cut it.

So if you have been messaging some chick for awhile and find yourself asking the same questions (or not progressing), take some time out. Maybe this will turn the tables and she’ll be the one chasing you.

4. You might not actually be interested in this girl and it shows.

Usually, guys will just talk to any girl so that they can feel that they are “killing it with the ladies” (so to speak). If you are not genuinely interested in a girl, put it to rest before the conversation self-destructs.

However, if you are genuinely interested, man up and ask the girl on a date; don’t just wait until the weekend, hoping she will walk through the doors of the nightclub where you’re hanging out.

And, ladies: You never know what a guy may have to offer. Consider it a missed opportunity if you leave him hanging.

Top Photo Credit: Shutterstock