#PleaseDoLess: 19 Signs A Girl's Life Revolves Around Her Boyfriend

by Ashley Fern

Everyone has that one friend who used to be the sh*t... until she got into a relationship. She was your go-to partygoer, but now she's nowhere to be found come the weekend.

You can't even recall a recent time the two of you really had fun together that was just about yourselves.

Long gone are the days when you reminisce about the glory days; instead, your conversations revolve around her significant other while you attempt to hold back your vomit.

You still try to hang out with this girl, but despite your best efforts, it's not always what you want to be doing. Still, she's your friend, and the day her boyfriend is out of the picture, she is going to need you.

How do you know if you're that friend? Does your life really revolve around your boyfriend and his schedule? Well, if you can relate to these telltale signs, chances are, that friend is you.

1. Every story you tell has to do with your boyfriend

Don't you have anything else to talk about? Please, for all of our sakes, take up a hobby or anything that would prevent you from only talking about your boyfriend.

2. 90 percent of your pictures are of you and him

If people went through your social media, they would probably assume you just have no friends. Come on, they invented iPhone photo streaming for a reason. Let's try to stick to that, shall we?

3. You know all of his passwords

Yes, even Facebook. We all know this is some dangerous sh*t. Ever since Facebook messenger became a feature, the last thing you want is your significant other snooping through your messages.

4. You become filled with anxiety when he wants a "guy's night"

Men need their space! You are together 24/7 as it is! Let him go out and live his life. You also should take a huge hint and do the same with your girlfriends -- that is, if you can convince them.

5. Your friends have no idea what you are up to at any given moment

Your friends are completely unaware of the fact that you have moved apartments and switched your job. Hmm, maybe it's because the only time you reach out to them is when you're having a fight with your boyfriend?

6. When you do finally resurface, you have no idea what any of your friends are referring to

You finally reunite with your girlfriends, but as the conversation starts flowing, you realize you have absolutely no idea who or what any of them are talking about.

You have no idea who this new girl Rachel is and why your friends can't stand her, and you certainly have no idea about your other friend's crazy job search. It's no wonder you relate every conversation back to you and your boyfriend.

7. When you do see your friends, they seem completely disinterested

Maybe it's because all of your stories revolve around your relationship?

8. You're incapable of making plans without him

Whenever you actually do make plans to go out, they must always involve your other half. I mean, you couldn't imagine being apart from him for an entire hour; what are you going to do for an entire night?

9. Your name has become a hybrid

You are not Brangelina. Please, please stop referring to the two of you as one entity. This is basically just putting yourself on the fast track to not having any friends.

10. You try to relate everyone else's story back to your relationship

If you are lucky to still have friends, you know every sentence you utter begins with "My boyfriend..." after you hear a story. Don't do this. The only person who cares is you. Bringing every subject back to you will just piss off your friends.

11. Your phone background is a photo of just him

I understand making the background the two of you, but really, it's just… him? Isn't that a little creepy?

12. You only like going out with your couple friends

How is this even fun? No seriously, I'm genuinely concerned. Don't you want to switch up your routine and be with different people?

13. You make Instagram collages

You don't get to make one of these for his birthday and every single anniversary in between. No one, besides the two of you, cares that it's your six-month anniversary. If you must make one of these, just send it directly to him, please.

14. No one ever asks you about relationship or sex advice, even though you're in a relationship

You would think that being in a relationship would encourage people to come to you for advice. Sometimes that happens, but rarely.

15. You say "We" instead of "I"

You were your own person before he came along. I know it's hard to realize, but you are still your own person. It's great you're in a relationship now, but you need to maintain your independence in some way.

16. If you do go out, it's with his friends only

That awkward moment when it's guys night out and you're just… there...?

17. Your coworkers know more about your boyfriend than you

The only personal information you reveal about your life is of situations and stories that revolve around your boyfriend.

Your coworkers don't know how many siblings you have, but they are more than well aware of your BF's favorite hobby, job and general life story.

18. Your family and vacation photos all include him

This is totally fine, but do you think anyone wants to see an album of photos of just you and your boyfriend alternating taking photos of each other on a beach or ski slope?

19. He has his own ringtone

If this is true for you, I pray that it's not a ballad that sings when your boyfriend calls. It's bad enough you have differing ringtones; this is just pushing it.

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