The 15 Worst Things That Can Happen On Valentine's Day

By Julian Sonny

Valentine’s Day is upon us and while many people are excited about getting laid, we must warn you of some of the treachery that looms.

February 14th could actually be quite volatile, as we all know, that with the good comes the bad. And if you’re not ready for some of the hazards that await, then you will surely be in a world of pain.

Don’t be an idiot. Be prepared. These are the 15 worst things that can happen to you on Valentine’s Day.

15. You could have a Something About Mary moment.

14. Your side chick realizes she is your side chick.

13. You have zero chance of having a threesome.

12. Your booty call tries to take your relationship to the next level.

11. Your girlfriend is on her period.

10. She might make you watch The Notebook.

9. You might catch herpes from a stripper spending it alone.

8. You realize your girlfriend is pedestrian when she asks for Tiffany bracelet.

7. You might have to hook up to Coldplay.

6. Your girlfriend sees a gift you got from your side chick.

5. Your see your ex straight flexing on Instagram.

4. You find out your Valentine's date is just a catfish hoax.

3. Your girlfriend breaks up with you.

2. You accidentally fall in love.

1. Your dick breaks.

Bonus: Your girlfriend comes out and admits she's been cheating on you the whole time because she doesn't want to hurt you anymore.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images