The 10 Signs Your Fall Cuddle Buddy Is Becoming Your Winter Cuff

by Eddie Cuffin

It's officially fall and we are slowly transitioning to the full on winter season. The leaves are falling off the trees and many of them are bare ready to face the upcoming winter. Like the change in season, we ourselves are experiencing a change in our lives as well. Some people are breaking up while others are coming together.

This transition period is hard for everyone because, like the season, we are stuck in an in-between phase. We want to have that fall cuddle buddy just so we can have a warm body to sleep next to at night, but we don't want to be in a full on relationship. The problem is that you are perfectly comfortable with your current cuddle buddy and you don't want to make it a full on relationship, but you don't want to lose him or her either. No one wants to sleep alone in the fall.

Now that you realized you are stuck in this weird phase, it is my job to clear things up for you. There is a fine line between part-time cuddle buddy and full-time cuffing. Here are the 10 signs your fall cuddle buddy is becoming your winter cuff.

You start to get tagged in Instagram photos.

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Cuddle buddies are supposed to be something very low key, although you guys might be in the same social circle, you tend to leave things off social media. All you guys want is a body to keep you warm at night, but things can get a little tricky when you start getting tagged in the couple photos on Instagram.

You go apple picking together.

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There are plenty of activities that you can do with your cuddle buddy throughout the whole relationship. Getting food, a drink once in a while, or even go see a show; however, under no circumstance should you go apple picking with your cuddle buddy. That's just some next level cuffing right there.

You have sober sex during the day.


This is where it gets tricky, of course you enjoy each other's company but there is no reason you should be having consistent, sober sex throughout the day. This just means that you're getting way too comfortable. The only thing that is worse than consistent sober sex is having raw sex on a consistent basis. This is the point of no return and you might as well tell everyone you're in a relationship.

All of a sudden you find yourself buying a puppy together.

If there is one clear sign that your cuddle buddy has grown into something more, it's actually spending a day to get a puppy together. Under no circumstance should you go to the pet store with your cuddle buddy and get a pet. This is almost as bad as you guys having a kid together.

You aren't actively looking for someone.

The best part of having a cuddle buddy is that you have someone to keep you company on these brisk, cold nights, while still being able to actively look for other partners. Since this isn't a relationship, there is no reason for you not to be out looking for a partner. If you find yourself getting comfortable and not looking around for a partner, then your whole cuddle buddy thing you have going on is becoming a relationship.

You guys try to make plans for the holidays together.

There is one thing your cuddle buddy and you shouldn't be doing and that's making holiday plans together. We know the holiday season is among us and everyone has plans, but there should be no reason your cuddle buddy should be included in these plans.

You've become friends with their roommates.

When you spend more time with their roommates than you do with your own friends, you have a problem. There is no reason your cuddle buddy's roommates should know who you are, you just need to be a figment of their imagination, someone who is only heard about in passing.

The building doorman recognizes you and you don't even live there.

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There should be no reason you and the doorman know each other on a first name basis. This just means you're spending too much time at your cuddle buddy's place. If you find yourself dapping with the doorman, you should realize that it's time you stopped going to see your cuddle buddy so frequently.

You have "your own side" of the bed.

Nothing screams out relationship quite like having your own side of the bed. While you may be more comfortable sleeping a certain way, there is no reason you guys should be comfortable with having assigned sides unless you're in a full on relationship.

You're way too comfortable with just sleeping in all day and ordering food.

Aside from apple picking together and getting a puppy, there is one thing you shouldn't be comfortable doing on a regular basis with your cuddle buddy and that's sleeping in all day and ordering food. We get it, it's cold outside and you don't want to go anywhere. We have days like this, of course, but don't make it a habit or you'll find yourself in denial still trying to say that you guys aren't in a relationship.

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