A Seductive State of Mind

by Eddie Fews

The inner voice of every man is what affects their ability to be successful with seduction, dating and building long-lasting relationships. Many people's mindset and constant flow of thoughts are so self-defeating, that few people manage to find them attractive.

There is a popular quote that goes, "A man falls in love with his eyes, a woman falls in love with her ears." With that being said, it is the words of a man that makes him more attractive than anything else. Our words stem from the thoughts. Therefore, if you can manage to think like a seducer, you will begin to talk and act like one as well. Here are some mindsets to help you become desired by women everywhere:


There are 3.7 billion women in the world. That means if you sleep with 3 women a day for one hundred years, you wouldn't even have slept 1% of the population of women. This gives you some insight on how easily you can meet and date new people. Every guy that is or has ever been good with women understands that there are so many women in the world that getting stressed out and down about any particular one of them is preposterous.

People tend to worry least about what they have most, so the first step in adopting a seductive mindset is coming to this very understanding. Take oxygen for example; do you ever worry about not having enough oxygen? Do you hold onto every breath tightly and refuse to let it out because you don't think you'll be taking another breath for a while? I doubt it, and similarly, you shouldn't be holding onto to any one woman or relationship so tightly that you can't live without it.

Every time you step outside of the four walls of your home, you have the potential to meet someone special, and with the increasing popularity of Internet dating, things are getting a lot easier. Are you worried about making enough money? Don't be, there are trillions are dollars floating around out there, get off you're ass and go get it. There are billions of women out there, get off you're ass and go get them. Maintain an open mind, one filled with abundance toward anything you want your life to be filled with.

Do You Love Women?

So she broke you're heart and now you're angry with women, seeking revenge on every woman in your path. Well guess what? This isn't going to work as well as you may want it to. Sure, you may get a few cheap lays from girls with low self-esteem and no self-worth, but any quality woman who understands her value will turn you away within the blink of an eye. Women can sense immediately when they are in the presence of a man that loves women, and any man who loves women is loved by women.

Lets take Russell Brand for example, a man notorious for his adventures with women, a man who even won the "Shagger Of the Year Award." Russell has a deep love of women, and he even stated himself in a interview done with Larry King, “I was really good in bed because I was committed to it because of this ferocious deep love of femininity, of women and of their anatomy. I love the colors of there bodies, the aromas of a women, I love them, I love them, I love the varieties…”

He proceeds to go into more depth about his passion for women and feminine essence in energy. Learn to love and treasure the existence of women and everything they contribute to the world and women will surround themselves with you.

Figure out what you have to offer women. Open up and receive their femininity and offer them your masculinity. When you approach a appealing ladies with a sincere and deep love for them, their complexities and their physique, they will express themselves to you in ways they have never expressed themselves to any man ever before.

Assume Attractive

Every man that does well with women assumes that every woman is sexually attracted to them. Sure, at times it may be a false assumption, but it is what instills the confidence in men to approach women. Besides, how on earth is anyone supposed to find you attractive if you don't first find yourself attractive?

If you approach a woman and assume beforehand that she isn't going to be attracted to you, how do you think the interaction is going to turn out? You'll come across just like every other dork out there hoping to get lucky. When a seducer approaches, he can only see the woman's hands all over him with lit up eyes, laughing at all of his jokes. As a matter of fact, he knows as soon as he wakes up in the morning, women are going to be drooling over him the moment he walks out his front door.


Let’s say you walk up to a woman at a bar, say hello, and she instantly blows you off. If you are like the majority of men that don't do well with women, you are going to think something like "What a bitch."

You place all the blame on her for blowing you off, and because of this, you never feel a need to improve your game. You'll simply just keeping trying the same method and approach over and over to weed out all of the "bitches." Are you ignorant enough to think that these "bitches" aren't sleeping with anyone?

Do you think they're just at the bar to be prude and blow off any man who attempts at engaging in conversation with them? Get real. When a seducer is blown off by a woman, he thinks "man, she was cute. I have to work on my approach." A seducer takes on all responsibility for everything that happens during his interaction with a woman. That way, he is always improving and learning from his mistakes.

In the mind of a seducer, he is never the best at sleeping with women; he is only trying to get better each and every time he goes out. In his mind, there is always work to be done and improvements that need to be made. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your social interactions and improve yourself accordingly.


Changing your attitude and frame of mind can take weeks, or even months, so don't think you are just going to read some article and instantly obtain everything necessary to be good with women. There is no magic pull; you must go out there and fail time again before you can appreciate any real success.

What a seduction coach does is speed up this process, aiding you with consistent direction toward your goal. Once you put in the time and effort, you will be more than thankful for your new-found success with women. Just ask anyone who’s ever achieved something they worked long and hard for. The feeling is unexplainable.

Eddie Fews | Elite. 

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