3 Skills That Will Improve Your Game When Navigating The Dating Scene

by Kyle C.
Nemanja Glumac

Seduction skills basically refer to the educated abilities of attracting women, generally speaking your "game."

There are, in essence, four major categories of seduction skills: physical enhancement, flirting abilities, conversational skills and personal charm. Your success with women is greatly dependent on the manner in which you manage to leverage them and improve on all four dimensions each step of the way.

Here are the three seduction skills you NEED to have, and how to use each of them in order to finally get those awesome women you dream about.

1. Physical qualities

Clearly physique is not a skill, yet the ability to enhance your physical appearance is.

There are various ways to make yourself look better, from practicing sports, to dieting and making smart choices that emphasize your physical qualities and diminish your flaws. This includes grooming yourself and choosing your clothes wisely.

When it comes to grooming, it is paramount to maintain perfect hygiene. Take extra care of your teeth and ensure your breath is always fresh -- otherwise, it can be a major turn-off. Use plenty of deodorant; sweating is another major repellant.

Adopt a clothing style that suits your body shape. You don't have to keep up with the latest fashion trends, but you do have to put on some nicely cut clothes that fit you perfectly. Make smart choices that highlight your positive features. For instance, opt for molding t-shirts to show a nicely shaped chest and arms or for waist-cut shirts if you're on the skinnier side.

It has been scientifically proven that one's scent is a major turn-on, so invest in a little cologne.

Enhance your physical appearance by adopting some smart and immediately visible habits. Here are a few to start you off:

  • Trim your hair regularly. Arrange it before going out. Use quality products to avoid the terrible looking dandruff and finishing products like gel, foam and hair spray.
  • Give special attention to your facial hair. Go to a cosmetician, and shape your eyebrows appropriately to complement your overall facial traits. They add a lot to your smile and other facial traits. Cut off any nose or ear hair that might show.
  • Take extra care of your nails because they say a lot about your hygiene and grooming habits. Stop biting them; it's disgusting. Visit a manicurist regularly, or learn to shape them properly.
  • Be gentle with your complexion and solve any visible issues you might have (extensive acne, facial warts, irregular skin tone and so on). Shower before you shave if your face skin is sensitive. Use men's products to enhance your skin tone, look fresh and smell good.

2. Flirting abilities

Did you know that about 90 percent of communication is nonverbal? Your body language, tone and rhythm of voice are what get the message through in an overwhelming percent.

In this context, it's only natural that the prevalent element in the seduction game is played by flirting.

Here are some tips on the flirting techniques you should use throughout your interaction with a woman (before, during and after approach):

  • Look into her eyes. This tells her many things about you, but more importantly, it tells her you are confident and trustworthy.
  • Your posture gives her a hint about what type of man you are. When you stand up straight, with your shoulders back and your head held high, she'll get a strong impression from you.
  • Touching, in most cases, is paramount for enhancing her interests. Start with gentle subtle -- perhaps accidental -- touches and move on progressively to patting and direct physical interactions.

As you're talking, pat her shoulder and rest your hand there for a moment. Then, when you're already familiar with each other, hold your fingers on the inner side of her arm, and perform gentle movements in circle (It's usually a turn-on).

3. Conversational skills

Although conversation accounts for only 10 percent of your interaction, that 10 percent is decisive. The success of your conversation greatly depends on the manner you manage to follow your objectives all through their main three parts.

Here is how you should play it right:

Opening -- aka approach

Objective: Draw her attention, and get her talking to you.

As I've said many times before, I strongly believe in a simple approach that will make you look confident, frank and, at the same time, won't puzzle her too much. Hence, to me, the best opener ever is “Hi! My name is…”


Objectives: Establish a connection and build trust.

Here you need to leverage between three issues:

  • Share some stuff about yourself -- to gain her trust and make yourself look good
  • Ask about her -- to show genuine interest and make her feel comfortable;
  • Make an impact -- through clever remarks and witty comments or by challenging her in a certain way (such as a prospective game of darts if she claims to be a good player).

Be polite at all times and show confidence. Remember to look her in the eyes and do some touching.


Objectives: Get her number, and make her look forward to your next meet.

First I need to stress the importance of ending your interaction before things get dull. Better yet, if you close it just after things get really interesting, she's more likely to accept and look for a date.

So, you've already managed to establish a reasonable level of trust and a meaningful rapport -- all you need to do now is return to the previous step for getting her steadfast to a date.

If you challenged her to darts, you can suggest setting up a one-on-one competition in the following week. Or, if you've talked about something you're both passionate about, you can propose a rain check to discuss it at a deeper level.

The whole secret here is to act confident and natural, so ask for her number in a casual way (as if from a buddy).

Once she gives it out, sign off on a text immediately to "seal the deal," saying something like “Your darts competitor, Kyle.” This way, she'll not only have your number but will also remember your name when you do call for that date. Besides, texting makes an impact.

Your texting and phone call skills that follow are just as important as your conversational skills during the approach. So, give them the right attention, and be careful with spelling and punctuation.

There you have it: The three seduction skills you need to have and a step-by-step guide to using them correctly in order to achieve what you want and get the bang. Follow them to the letter and you'll be successful.


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