Nearly Half Of Millennials Search For Ex’s New Partner On Social Media, Science Says

You guys, we have to stop allowing technology to turn us into a bunch of masochists.

A new survey from YouGov reveals nearly half of millennials (46 percent) have searched for their ex's new significant other on social media.

That's probably because, according to that same survey, 17 percent of us check our ex's social media profiles at least once a week, and we're peaking around for clues of who's liking and commenting on pictures to figure out who the new girl is. (No? Just me?)

Look, I'm not here to judge or lecture you, because I have done some very masochistic things in the name of heartbreak. We all have.

But trust me when I say this: Put the phone down.

Go outside. Do not look at your ex's profile and Nancy Drew your way through the women he's tagged in photos to figure out if one of them has replaced you.

You have better things to do -- like literally anything else.

That same YouGov survey found that nearly one in four millennials (24 percent) snoop on their significant other's phone without their permission every single day. This includes text messages, social media accounts, and any other information we can get our hands on, since everyone has the passwords to their apps saved on their phone for easy access.

Believe me, I get it. You saw your boyfriend "like" some pictures of girls in skimpy bikinis on Instagram, and he's been a little more sus than usual about his whereabouts lately.

Then he goes in the shower while you two are hanging out, and his phone is right there on the couch. How could you NOT start snooping?

Well, what will actually end up happening is you'll overanalyze everything you see.

You'll come across a text message from some girl you've never heard of, and you'll assume she's a new hookup, and not just his cousin.

Also, he will find out you snooped.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and resist the temptation altogether.

It's reductive to exclusively blame technology for all of our dating problems, but there's no denying its influence: In addition to the previous statistics, YouGov found that a little over a third of millennials have been broken up with over the phone or via text (as opposed to in person), and 44 percent of US adults believe social media makes it even harder to forget an ex.

Sh*t. Maybe we all need to put the phone down and go outside, huh?