Science Says This Is The One Thing That Attracts Women To Men

We've heard it time and time again: Pheromones are the key to attracting a mate. Underneath our wide-brimmed hats and vintage suspenders, we're just a bunch of animals sniffing each other's natural stank.

According to new research, however, guys might want to start covering up their musky scent with layers of deodorant if they want to attract the ladies. Researchers at The University of Stirling in Scotland found that women view traditionally less masculine men to be more masculine when they go heavy on the deodorant.

They asked 130 men and women to rate "facial masculinity" based on photographs while asking a separate group of 239 men and women to rate the "odour masculinity" of 40 people of the opposite sex. What they found was somewhat surprising.

For one, women are more sensitive to smells and therefore were more perceptive of subtle differences in body odor. Men, on the other hand, found women to be more "feminine" when they wore deodorant. And, most surprisingly, men who weren't rated as all that masculine based on their facial features were viewed as much more masculine when they wore deodorant.

While the science and findings are still a little vague, one sentiment seems to ring clear from this study: It never hurts to put a little deodorant on if you're heading out for a date. Just please, please for the love of god, leave the Axe where it belongs -- in the garbage or preferably blasted into the outer reaches of the universe. Thanks in advance!

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