This One Simple Trick Could Instantly Improve Your Sex Life

by Lauren Martin

You know all those movies where the woman is orgasming and you can tell by the flex of her feet at the edge of the bed? Well, like most Hollywood enactments, it’s bullsh*t. What’s not bullsh*t, however, is the presence of feet in obtaining an orgasm.

According to studies, however, there’s way more of a chance that she’s orgasming if those feet have socks on (something Hollywood would never condone for a hot sex scene).

Because what Hollywood doesn’t know is that socks are directly linked to the female orgasm. A study done by Dutch researcher, Gert Holstege M.D. Ph.D, found that socks promote warmth and comfort, feelings associated with calming a woman’s amygdala and prefrontal cortex — the brain areas responsible for anxiety, fear and danger signals.

Before the researchers gave their participants socks, only 50 percent of them admitted to having an orgasm. After being given a pair of socks, 80 percent reported reaching an orgasm.

It's important for those feelings to be suppressed for a woman to reach an orgasm because we all know that we can only reach a full-fledged orgasm when we let go of all our inhibitions and anxieties.

And when a woman wears socks, she’s unconsciously hampering all those feelings of insecurity and fear that so many times come with reaching the big O. It makes sense, there’s nothing like cold feet to ruin the mood and nothing like feeling all warm and cozy to set the right one.

Science aside, sometimes it’s just hot to tear everything away but those socks. Sometimes you’re in such a rush to get to the bed, you don’t want to strip down completely.

Sometimes it’s just so sexy to see a woman in nothing but a pair of socks. If you still aren't sure, here are all the reasons sex really is so much better with socks on:

They keep your feet warm when you’ve torn all the covers off

Sex is hot... post-sex is freezing. After the heat has worn off and you're lying in a bed of torn covers and ripped sheets, things begin to cool down quickly. And what’s the first thing that always gets cold? The feet.

If you have socks on, however, you don’t need to scramble for your clothes and those covers as quickly. Maybe you'll even lie there until you get hot enough for round two?

If you’re going to use protection, you may as well add some to your feet as well

What's the point of protecting everything else if you're not going to wrap up the feet? While they can't contract any of those nasty things we don't even want to say aloud, they do deserve some attention.

Because there's really nothing worse when everything is going smoothly than finding out you have cold feet.

They’re great for gripping

There’s no position that condones falling off the bed. I’m pretty sure once that happens, it’s all over.

So if things are getting heated and you’re sliding around in those 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, it’s always better to have some extra friction that’s not necessarily between the sheets…

Because everyone knows nothing ruins sex like falling off the bed.

You’ll never get cold feet

There's nothing like cold feet to ruin the mood. While we can't say that your socks are what will get you all hot and bothered, we can say that adding that extra warmth does increase your chances of being less nervous and a little more open.

In a not-so-alternate universe, it looks like socks might just be the sexiest thing you can wear to bed. Who knows, maybe Victoria's Secret will start selling them in cheetah print...

You don’t need to worry about pedicures

With socks, you never have to worry about the fungus on your feet or the chipping nail polish you told yourself you’d fix last week. You don't need to postpone sex because you're insecure of your webbed toes or your missing pinky one.

With socks on, you can never use the excuse that you didn't have time to get that pedicure and he can never say that your feet gross him out (not that he ever, ever, ever should).

Because you can literally knock someone's socks off

The most important lesson to take away is, the only thing better than taking a woman to bed with socks on, is seeing if you get them off.