The Only 5 Things You Should Say To Your Friend After She's Been Ghosted

Jovana Rikalo

If you've been dating long enough, you've been ghosted at least once (or twice, if you're one of the unlucky ones). You meet a guy, think of him often, exchange flirty and sweet text messages and make plans to hang out in the future.

He seems so into you. Although you don't want to get your hopes up, you tell at least one of your closest friends about him. Then, all of a sudden – like the best magic trick you've ever seen – he disappears, never to be heard from again.

You may even need that same friend to help you get over getting ghosted. You know you have a true friend in your corner if she tells you any of these five things the next time you get ghosted:

1. “You can do much better.”

Even if your friend has never met this mystery guy, she knows how great you are and what you truly deserve: someone who will care for you and go the extra mile to make sure he stays in contact with you.

This friend will remind you how much time and care you put into the people and things you love, and will encourage you to move forward with someone who knows how to offer you the same in return.

2. “Delete him from your life now.”

Your friend knows that if you could, you'd probably overanalyze the situation and wait by the phone for the guy who ghosted you to call or text.

Even worse, you'd blame yourself for something that wasn't your fault. So, your friend's encouragement to delete this assh*le's contact information and unfriend and unfollow him from all social media sites is the best way to help you move on quickly, without guilt or regret.

Listen to your friend. Delete ghost guy now.

3. “It's his loss.”

You have a great career, good friends and a family you actually like. Usually, everyone you meet ends up wanting to have you in his or her social circles.

You're funny, charming and smart. If other people know this, so does every guy you come across. Your friend understands how dynamic and special you are, and knows a guy who ghosts you is truly missing out on one of the best things in his life.

4. “Time to hit the streets.”

A good friend won't let a friend who's been ghosted stay in the house, watching sad movies and eating chocolate chip ice cream for too long. Instead, your friend will make plans for the two of you to hit the most popular bar, or will buy tickets to a movie you've been wanting to check out.

This is all just to give you something else to think about while you're getting over being ghosted. Put on a cute pair on jeans, swipe on your favorite lipstick and have some fun. Who knows? Maybe your next guy is waiting at one of those places, just for you.

5. “Don't answer his calls.”

Sometimes, a guy who ghosted you will have a temporary change of heart. He'll remember something you did or said to make him laugh. He may remember your smile, or how cool you were when he told you something embarrassing.

So, he'll reach out to you to try to re-establish communication. But your true friend will advise you not to take the bait.

Your friend will tell you that a man who ghosts you once may do it again. She will remind you of all the progress you've made, and won't let you take a step back.

We all need this kind of friend when we find ourselves dealing with the sting of being ghosted. We need people to keep us accountable, cheerful and encouraged.

Chances are, your friend knows men. But more importantly, she knows you.