10 Reasons All Signs Should Cozy Up To A Sagittarius This Winter

by Bianca Palumbo

Looking for a significant other? Try to find a Sagittarius.

When a Sagittarius is involved, it's a love story like no other.

Every zodiac sign is known for a few key qualities, but rarely do we hear about the Sagittarius.

There are so many amazing qualities this individual possesses, and you are bound to know when you've met one.

Does one of your friends or significant other have a birthday between November 22 and December 21?

If so, you'll relate a lot of this list to this person's personality, and you'll probably understand why these people are the best friends and lovers.

(Supposedly, the Sagittarius is most compatible with a Virgo. Could this be you?)

Without further ado, here are 10 reasons why a Sagittarius will make the perfect partner:

1. They love adventures.

A Sagittarius loves to travel and take on adventures in his or her day-to-day life.

Falling in love with a Sagittarius could mean crossing a few dream vacations off your list.

They make wonderful traveling companions and love to explore.

Even if the trip isn't out of the country, this individual will accompany you to shows and events (wherever they are) because he or she loves new experiences.

You may have planned the perfect weekend getaway or simply an afternoon hike, but your Sag will be excited to embark on any journey with you.

2. They are passionate.

Oh, yes.

From hobbies and dinner to you, a Sagittarius holds a passion for all.

Sometimes, you'll think your Sag is losing interest or has become lazy.

But most likely, he or she has another exciting venture lined up.

You will be surprised with something special.

Imagine the endless love you will experience around the holiday season.

After dating a Sagittarius, you may be disappointed with the lack of passion in your next lover.

Try to show your Sag some love in exchange.

3. They love change.

Sometimes, we view change as a bad thing. But that's not true in this relationship.

Change is going to constantly spark your fire and bring back the excitement in your relationship.

Whether it's moving into a new apartment, adopting a puppy or finding the next best recipe, you will rarely get bored with a Sagittarius.

They love to keep you engaged in their latest interests and try to involve you in the changes.

Do I hear wedding bells?

4. They are optimistic.

Feeling down in the dumps? Don't worry.

A Sagittarius will help to pick you back up again.

Before you remember why you were feeling blue, your Sag will have you smiling and dancing around the house.

We all love a little party, and a Sagittarius is unlikely to turn that opportunity down.

Their optimism will help to carry your relationship down a great path.

There's nothing worse than when the two of you become lazy and grouchy, forgetting about why you're together in the first place.

A Sagittarius' constant smiles and warm vibes will be daily reminders as to why you're together.

5. They are playful and fun.

This is not the childish type.

Looking for a little excitement in the bedroom? Well, your Sagittarius has got you covered.

A Sagittarius loves adventures both in and out of the house. But, you won't even want to leave.

A Sagittarius loves to have fun and is bound to have new ideas to spice up your love life.

But yes, a Sag also loves to have fun watching Christmas movies and teasing you about your wild hair in the morning.

6. They won't let you down.

Sagittarians will be there for the long haul.

They will get to you when they need to, hands down.

You've never known a more loyal lover than a Sagittarius.

Whether you're in need of a ride, a cuddle buddy or a helping hand, he or she is there to help.

Sometimes, Sagittarians know before you need to ask for their helping hands.

They will drop everything to be by your side.

What more could you ask for?

7. They are well-respected.

Because of their overall friendly and optimistic demeanor, the Sags are held to a high standard of respect.

Friends, family and everyone they meet will likely feel confident in their abilities and respect their time.

As a partner, this is an incredible thing.

Your inner circle is most likely going to welcome them with open arms.

8. They are hard workers.

No matter what the Sagittarius does, it is done whole-heartedly.

The Sagittarius will put in the hours to succeed at his or her job, hobbies and relationships.

They hate to let people down and have a sense of satisfaction every time they complete a task.

They are likely to be promoted and build strong connections in the work environment.

They look forward to coming home and winning your love all over again.

Take this with appreciation. They just want to impress their loved ones.

9. They love to laugh.

Get ready for lots of laughs while dating a Sagittarius.

They love reciting corny jokes to make you smile.

Their antics are actually a bunch of fun, and you'll appreciate every last moment of them.

Their ability to bring up your mood and make you giggle even on your worst days is downright impressive.

Sometimes, you wonder why your Sag doesn't quit his or her day job for comedy.

10. They will appreciate and recognize everything you do for them.

There is no lover like a Sagittarius.

He or she will respect, appreciate and admire everything you do.

Your Sag will make sure to tell you on a frequent basis how incredible some of the things you do for him or her are.

Not only are Sags successful on their own, but they also find a sense of purpose in dating someone with an incredible passion or drive of his or her own.

They often look for lovers with the same drive to succeed.

Get ready for some amazing lovin' the next time you find yourself waking up next to a Sagittarius.