6 Rom-Com Cliches Every Woman Secretly Wants Her Boyfriend To Do

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There are certain things women wish men would do for them. We build stories in our heads and hope they come true one day, even though they never do. We create scenarios in which we feel like we're part of a Nicholas Sparks movie, or we hope McDreamy will actually show up at our door. Women are romantic creatures, even if we don't want to admit it sometimes.

That's why I decided to share some common fantasies that we women would like for you, our guys, to make happen.

1. The Unexpected Visit

While it may seem kind of creepy or stalker-ish to show up at someone's door without calling first, there are scenarios in which this is actually a good idea. Imagine you're fighting with your girl, and she's going home exhausted from work and life in general. She's thinking about what she said that might've been wrong and what you said that hurt her feelings. But when she gets to the door, you're there waiting for her, ready to make up.

Why is this a good idea? Because women are always hoping you'll do more. We're used to men saying all kinds of things, but never actually following through with them. Disney got it right in "Beauty And The Beast" when Cogsworth reminds Beast of the usual gifts men give women: "Well, there's the usual things: flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep."

We're tired of the same old, same old. We want more from you, so showing up to our door and actually showing us you care is one of the greatest things you can do for us.

 2. Surprise Getaway

Sometimes routine sets in, and the magic in a relationship starts to fade away. Where did the fire go? And how do you get it back? Maybe all you need is some time together away from everyone else.

If you're in a relationship like Ross and Rachel from "Friends" where you're constantly surrounded by people, you might want some time apart from everyone else. You might need some time where no one can reach you and summon you for beer pong or brunch.

Take her to some small place outside of town where you two can be yourselves without the pressure of those around you. We would love to come home and have you tell us, "Pack something warm, and let's go."

You don't even have to tell us where we're going. Just whisk us away and have something magical prepared for us when we get there. You'll be surprised by how much you might grow as a couple.

3. Coming Back Early

When you have a weekend away with your best guy friends, we're inevitably going to miss the crap out of you. We know you're going away to have fun, but what if you decided to come back a day early? What if you decided to surprise us at our door because you missed us? We would probably lose our minds and be over the moon.

4. Chasing Us To The Airport

Yes, I know this is super cliched. It's been overdone in every movie, but having you chase after us before a long trip is one of our biggest fantasies. Why? It's simple.

Romantic comedies have left us thinking that if a guy chases after us in an airport, he definitively loves us. Maybe you just wanted to tell us we accidentally packed your cell phone charger, but by doing so, you're sending the message that you understand we think we're fairytale princesses. You're telling us that even though not every day can be a romantic comedy, you're willing to do it for us every once in a while. Chase us, please.

5. Leaving Small Notes

Remember that very sad, very depressing movie "P.S. I Love You?" Yes? Well, you can do that for us without following the exact plot line. Leave small notes on her jacket, in her books, maybe next to her coffee or somewhere you know she's going to see it.

We love finding things that remind us of you throughout the day. And yes, texting without a specific reason is cool, but texts are so common now that small, handwritten notes are better because they're more personal. They let us know you took the time to write it.

6. Taking Care Of Us

When we're sick, or it's that time of the month when we're deciding between curling up in a ball, crying or maybe murdering someone, take care of us.

Bring us hot soup or tea, play with our hair and hold us. Those are days where we want to feel you close, and we want to be reminded that even though we might look and feel like death, we're actually beautiful to you. That way, when you get sick, we might be more inclined to take care of you without suffering through your man sniffles. (Yes, accept it. Men are always less resilient when it comes to getting sick.)

Be our knight in shining armor, and we'll treat you like a king in return.

These are just some of the fantasies we would like for you to make happen. Maybe we do live in a romantic comedy, but maybe we just want you to bring those rom-coms to life every once in a while.

Small details won't take much of your time, and they'll help your relationship grow by making her feel wanted, cared for, loved and cherished. She'll be more inclined to reciprocate, to treat you like you want to be treated and to maybe make some of your fantasies come true.

Come on, guys. It's never too late to become the Noah to our Allie.