17 Reasons Why You Absolutely Made The Right Decision To Be Single

by Ashley Fern

Too many people these days are stuck in relationships they don't want to be in, but don't have the balls to get the f*ck out. It's a terrible situation, but for some reason people have trouble removing themselves. Why?

Maybe it's the aspect of comfort, but honestly, how comfortable can you really be when you're dating someone you'd rather, well, not?

Your time is your most valuable asset, so why would you voluntarily waste it by dating someone who brings you down?

There are so many more options out there that it virtually makes no sense not to explore them.

You want to see a change? Then you must make a change, and that starts from within.

Once this change is made, you will most likely be in utter disbelief you didn't do it sooner because there really is no feeling quite like freedom.

So what are some of the ways this monumental decision is reaffirmed?

1. Your friends can't stop asking you, "Have you always been this fun?"

The awkward moment when none of your friends can remember what you were like prior to dating your newly ex-boyfriend.

The further off the deep end you went, the more you have to do to prove you can get back on track. Don't be too hard on yourself — it happens to everyone.

2. You spend your weekends doing whatever the f*ck you want to do

When was the last time you actually did something you wanted to do without checking in with another person? Is this what freedom is like? Because if so, I never want to change another thing.

3. You're finally sleeping again

Sharing your bed is never fun. I don't care what you say or whom you share it with.

One person is always getting shafted when it comes to blankets, and honestly, how are you expectedly to have a solid night sleep with another person all up in your personal space?

4. Your bank account is suddenly full again

Praise Jesus — you can finally spend your hard-earned money on numero uno: YOU!

You haven't had a savings account since the last time you were single, and you really can't even explain why...

5. You're making those physical changes you always wanted to make

Cut your hair and change your life. You've made one major life change, so why stop there?

6. You only have your crazy family to deal with

Is there any worse feeling than sitting in a room while people judge you? Well, that's exactly what life was like for you.

Now, you laugh at how ridiculous this all was. Why? Because you're absolutely hilarious, who would ever think to judge you?

7. You actually have free time

Your schedule is completely up to you, and it's about damn time. You can do (or not do) absolutely anything you want to!

There are no more obligatory family outings, no more mandatory plus-one work events, and there are certainly no more awful date nights in.

8. You're actually seeing your friends again

Why you thought it was a good idea to put your friends on the back burner is beyond me, but hey, unfortunately we've all been there.

The point is these people are your friends, so they have no choice but to forgive while welcoming you with open arms and endless tequila shots.

9. You enjoy shamelessly flirting

You can't get free drinks if you're wallowing in self-pity in the corner, now can you?

10. You're getting fit for yourself, not someone else

Bye bye to the days of body-shaming! Now the ball is finally back in your court, which only means one thing: You have yourself to impress.

There is no one bitching in your ear. Instead, it's up to you to motivate yourself. Who knew this could be so effective?

11. You have no qualms when it comes to heel height

You can wear as high of heels as you please, or you can choose to rock flats — the decision is all yours.

There is no one complaining or giving you sh*t about your footwear, which makes you so happy you ditched the baggage and kept the shoes.

12. You're eating whatever the f*ck you want, no guilt involved

Food and guilt do not belong in the same space, and the sooner you start to realize that, the better!

13. You aren't second-guessing yourself anymore

Feeling confident in yourself, by yourself is not something everyone can do. You know you've made the right change in your life when you're at an all-time confidence high.

14. You question why you haven't made this decision sooner

The most ironic part of making such a drastic decision is you can't figure out why it took you so damn long to do so.

At least you can take comfort in the fact you no longer have to entertain such a negative influence in your life.

15. You start reevaluating all of the relationships in your life

Once you nix one important relationship in your life, it's only natural to start to reevaluate the rest of them.

Trimming the fat that certain friendships have become is an extremely healthy way to get your mind together — and isn't that your current focus?

16. Your family can't believe you're the same person

Your demeanor has done a complete 180 since your wifed up days. I'm not sure whether this is a compliment or an insult. But hey, I guess things could still be how they were, and isn't that the worst scenario of all?

17. You're making your own happiness

Ain't no happiness quite like the kind you create yourself! Can I get an amen?

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