The 6 Shameless Things You Do When You're Comfortable In Your Relationship


The first date with someone new is an exciting time, as well as a tedious, tiring one.

You do some diligent prep work, like picking out your outfit (which probably changes eight to 10 times), take your time with your makeup and perfect that winged liner, wash and blow out your hair (the first time all week) and shave or wax the necessary parts (if you plan on getting freaky afterwards).

After a few dates and weeks pass with the lucky guy/girl, you are still on your A-game, always being prepared for whatever situation you might find yourself in with this person.

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Fast-forward a few months to a year and now, you two are dating, and you might find yourself slipping a little with keeping up with the typical, ladylike things.

Don't be ashamed. I can't even tell you when my last wax appointment was. It's normal, and we all experience it.

In order to realize you're not alone, here are six things that can happen when you're comfortable in your relationship.

1. It's been almost a week since you've last washed your hair...

You're lounging on the couch with your guy (or girl) and you're cuddling, glass of wine in one hand with your other hand reaching for the popcorn in between you two, and you nestle your head into their shoulder.

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You realize it's been a solid six days since your hair has last seen shampoo, and your SO is definitely breathing in your dirty hair, pretending like they haven't noticed. This one couldn't be more real for me.

2. You forget to wax.

So many of my girlfriends in long-term relationships (and I'll even speak for myself) all sport body hair.

You name the body part, and I can almost guarantee there's hair there.

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No, it's not because I'm friends with very out-there European women (nothing against that type).

These girls all have hair because the've been with their SO for so long, they really don't give AF about being groomed and hairless for their man or woman.

When you've been with someone for so long, they've most likely seen you at your best and worst, and they've grown to love your stubbly leg hair or your overgrown bikini line.

3. You take off your makeup immediately if you two aren't going out.

There aren't too many things I love more than taking my makeup off after a long day.

I'm obsessed with the feeling of clean skin so whether I'm home alone or my boyfriend is over my house, I immediately take my makeup off. Sure, in the past, I would fear him seeing blemishes on my face or my dark circles.

But hey, there reaches a point where you just give up on obsessing over covering up some of your flaws and let your true self shine.

4. You have no shame showing off your matching set of flannel pajamas.

Makeup off? Check.


Comfy matching 7th-grade pajamas on? Check.

As soon as my makeup is off, I rush to put on my pajamas. And yes, my SO has to accept and love my cheesy flannels whether he likes it or not. Sexy, I know, right?

5. You sit on the toilet bowl while your SO is also in the bathroom.

You might be judging reading number five, but let me tell you, the majority of people in committed relationships join each other in the bathroom.

Not just for sexy time, get your head out of the gutter.

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But when you can't hold it in any longer and your SO is taking their sweet time washing their hands or brushing their teeth, you run in that bathroom and do your business whether they like it or not.

Or even after sex, if you both have to pee, just save some time and go in the bathroom together. Simple as that.

6. You kiss each other with morning breath.

You spend the night at one another's place, roll over and plant a big smooch on bae's lips with no shame of your stinky morning breath.

Yup, another one of the many shameless things that happen when you're super comfortable in your relationship.

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Now, some people might be totally grossed out by getting close to someone's mouth before a toothbrush has hit their teeth, so some might not be game for this.

For those who give zero fucks, welcome to the morning breath club.

It's a nice feeling to be totally comfortable around the one you love.

Being able to let your hair down and totally be yourself without any want to cover up flaws is a wonderful thing.

Letting your leg hair grow and not picking up a razor for a decent amount of time is an even better thing.

For those who think this is absolutely ludicrous and would never let their SO see them without makeup or without being groomed down there, more power to you.

Seriously, ladies teach me your ways because I sometimes get far too lazy to keep up with all that for someone else. Hey, what can I tell ya?