If Your Relationship Doesn't Have These 5 Things, It Needs To End

by Sammy Swift

All right, Gen-Y, it's time for a good, old-fashioned eye-opening to the real world of healthy and loving relationships

And I'm not talking about the relationships most of us are bombarded with on social media. We, as a generation, are too focused on "relationship goals" and Instagram likes to actually create long-lasting, healthy, happy relationships.

Dating has become a matter of public scrutiny. Just take a look at your Facebook feed.

I see more relationships ending in less than two months than "Happy Anniversary" posts anymore.

I think it's because we are too focused on looks and material items rather than the actual important parts of a relationship -- the ones that will lead to many, many years of "Happy Anniversary" posts in the future.

1. Your relationship should be freeing.

You should feel like you are the king or queen of the universe because the person you are with makes you feel that great. Your partner should be in constant support of you; you should feel like you are giving yourself to someone who truly wants to be the best for you.

Your relationship shouldn't feel like you are suffocated. You shouldn't feel like you are being held back from life experiences with your significant other. You shouldn't have to feel like you are straying from your morals, opinions and beliefs for your significant other.

2. Your relationship should be daring.

This is one I think people occasionally take the wrong way. I don't mean daring in a bad way; your relationship should be your favorite adventure in life.

It should be an adventure that shows you places, feelings and thoughts you've never had before. It's, ultimately, never ending and should constantly keep you excited about each day you spend together.

Your relationship shouldn't feel daunting. It shouldn't make you forget the adventures you had or stop you from enjoying your life. Focusing on your relationship should only serve to empower you; it should leave you feeling relaxed, not tired.

3. Your relationship should be simple.

Relationships are ultimately made up of emotional and physical attraction. So, your relationship should be made up of little things that highlight those attractions -- whether it be through gestures, words, gifts, touch -- anything.

Your actions should make how much you care about each other all the clearer.

Your relationship shouldn't be complicated; it shouldn't leave you wondering if you care more about your partner than your partner cares for you, or vice versa.

You shouldn't wonder if the little things are genuine, or even there.

4. Your relationship should feel exciting.

Your relationship should leave butterflies in your stomach with every touch or sweet gesture -- literally anything. You should feel breathless with every kiss, you should feel beautiful or handsome every time your partner stares at you.

Your relationship shouldn't be uneasy. It shouldn't make you bored; it shouldn't make you feel average or unwanted.

When you enter into a relationship, it should only change you for the better. If that's not the case, then this person probably isn't the right one for you.

5. Your relationship should be fun.

It seems like this may be the only thing Gen-Y knows in relationships, but I think we may have the wrong "fun" in mind. When I say "fun," I mean to smile, laugh and talk with your partner more than anyone else.

Love should make you not care what people are thinking about you while you're dancing around the streets. It should make you want to turn your phone off because you are having such a good time in the moment and you'll remember it forever.

Your relationship shouldn't be hard. It shouldn't be so difficult that you spend your time texting friends and finding excuses not to see your partner. You shouldn't be disappointed when you leave your partner -- and you shouldn't have to subtweet either.

Choose love based on compatibility, not the hottest person getting the most likes on Instagram.

So, Gen-Y, stop obsessing over #RelationshipGoals and find someone who treats you like the Beyoncé you are.