The Relationship Forecast: Is There A Season For Relationships?


We can all agree that certain types of clothing aren’t appropriate year-round. We don’t wear mittens during summer and we don’t wear tank tops in the snow. Depending on the weather, certain clothes don’t seem fit and may leave us feeling too hot or too cold.

The same can go for relationships. We don’t all flaunt our significant others down at South Beach during Spring Break or show up to a romantic five-star restaurant with just friends. Depending on certain situations, relationships just don’t seem right for the occasion. So, that being said, are relationships, like clothes, seasonal items?

It seems that during certain times of the year, the desire for relationships increase exponentially.  When the holidays roam around and the commercials for diamond bracelets and men’s cologne become subliminally aggressive, it seems that our humble single lives aren’t good enough.

The recurring commercials and the temperature drop triggers some part of our brain to want that cuddle buddy who keeps us warm during chilly nights, to want that someone to passionately kiss under the mistletoe, and to want to bring that special someone home for Thanksgiving dinner. Like a new peacoat, many can agree that a significant other is the perfect accessory for winter.

However, while there is definitely a time where a relationship seems most appropriate and necessary for survival, there is also a peak season in which a significant other couldn't seem like a worse idea.

When summer plans with friends are filled with sun, booze and bad dancing, a significant other stringing along doesn’t seem complementary to your reckless behavior. And this applies for the male and female sex. I’m sure guys at the club wouldn’t want to be “tied down” or “unavailable” when they see a hot girl in knee-high boots and fish nets looking for someone to tango with.

I'm also pretty positive that girls at the beach wouldn’t want anyone to stop them from initiating conversation with the stud with tight abs looking in their direction. The times where we want to be noticed and even fantasized about by others triggers our instinct to halt all steps to a potential relationship.

When relationships do fall into your lap during summer, they’re called summer flings. And they’re just that—flings. There’s no seriousness involved and by the time August rolls around, the fling usually fizzles. Like wearing a trench coat on a boat, a relationship can be too suffocating during the summer.

Not all relationships should be deemed seasonal, though. I know of many relationships that have of course made it past one or two seasons, because if we feel we've come across something or someone out of the ordinary—we do have the freedom to wear skirts in the snow, or sweats in the sun. Sometimes, it all depends on what style is hot for that particular season, and whether or not it seems fit.

Brittany Tai | Elite.