5 Signs Your Potential Romance Is Starting To Fizzle Out

by Julia D'Orazio

You hate to admit it, but you're still interested in this one guy, even though you know he isn't all that into you.

Somehow, you stupidly tell yourself that's not the case.

But, it is.

He was once into you, but now he's slowly packing up and backing away from it all before it really has a chance to begin.

It's his loss, but you better get a move on to the next one who is more deserving of your time and attention.

Here are five ways to tell if things are fizzling out:

1. He contacts you sporadically.

You thought he had started to ignore you completely, until he touches base again with a random message.

If it's usually a line or less, he's not that interested, but he wants to keep you in the picture for his ego's sake.

This is just in case he needs a backup when his new interest doesn't live up to the hype.

2. His replies are limited to a few words.

Once, he was giving you essay answers to your questions on WhatsApp, being inquisitive about your life and even a starting a complete conversation with you.

Things seemed to be mutual.

But now, conversation has resorted to a few words being exchanged sporadically.

Read between the lines.

He can't be bothered, yet he still wants to show you some — albeit very little — interest. He is not really into it.

3. He randomly likes your stuff on Facebook and Instagram.

It messes with your head, and you feel so shallow.

Ultimately, your relationship is coming down to a simple like on Facebook or Instagram, which triggers you to ask yourself, "Does he like me?" and "Why is he liking my stuff, even though I don't hear from him?"

You feel so silly because you are reading into this so happily.

He noticed and acknowledged you are alive in some way, shape or form, yet he still doesn't talk to you.

He just wants to keep you waiting, and he's messing with your head.

4. He keeps blowing you off.

Understandably, we all lead busy lives.

But when you are interested in someone, you make time and put forth the effort.

When your love interest keeps putting off a meetup for this reason, he clearly isn't that interested. Move on.

5. He knows you gave in too soon.

You cracked and gave in too soon to those urges.

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who are only after one thing, and there are some with those desires who are happy to give into those urges.

The worst feeling is when you thought something was mutual, the chemistry was abuzz and then, you don't hear from him.

The day after, you hear nothing, and the day after that, you don't hear a single word.

Yes, you have been played and may feel like crap.

How did you read it so wrong?

We're better than all of this. Let's not be fooled again, and let's start the fire with someone else.