4 People You Should Never Ask To Give You Relationship Advice

by Fernanda Calvo
Paul Schlemmer

You've hit a bump on the road with your boyfriend, and you feel like you need to talk to someone about it.

Talking is good.

There's something about verbalizing our feelings that makes us feel so much better about what's going on.

Talking can helps us think clearly, and hearing something out loud can perhaps help you shed new light on a problem and come up with solution.

Your bae should really be the one you're talking to about YOUR relationship, but you do need to talk to someone else sometimes.

Choosing the right person can be tough, but choosing the right person is also essential.

You don't want to create more problems or add on any negativity.

When you're stuck in a rut with bae, please, pretty please don't talk to any of the following people about it.

Make sure you're seeking advice from mature and trustworthy individuals.

Here's whom you should definitely stay away from.

The Perpetually Single Friend

There are two types of perpetually single friend.

Type A is the one who loves being single.

She loves not being tied down to anyone, and the problem here is you may envy her "freedom" and think about ending it with your bae.

Deep down, you're probably not looking to break up so don't talk to this friend about your love issues.

Push yourself to work it out with your SO. Don't just quit and get your "freedom" back.

Her freedom works for her, but deep down, this freedom she so lovingly talks about might just be a mask to cover up the fact she wishes she had someone in her life.

It might just be a defense mechanism of sorts.

The point is you'll never truly know so maybe it's best to not come complaining to this friend in particular.

Then, there's perpetually single friend Type B.

Type B is sad AF.

She is lonely and can't get a date or a match on Tinder.

She's sad and somber and hates the world because she cannot find anyone to love.

This friend will tell you how terrible your bae is, how much he doesn't deserve you and how you should dump him and be lonely like her.

OK, she probably won't say that last part, but she'll think it.

You don't need that kind of negative energy when you're traveling on a figurative bumpy road with Bae.

Envy is real and because Type B is lonely and unable to find happiness, she'll want you to be miserable just like her.

We all have a friend like this. As soon as you began reading this, she popped into your head.

The Friend Who Dates Too Much

This friend takes relationships too lightly.

The whole "there's other fish in the sea" attitude isn't helpful when you're in mature relationship that's going through a tough moment.

Her happy-go-lucky way of looking at love makes you wonder if she's right.

It makes you question whether or not you could find someone better, smarter and hotter in the sea of men that exists.

You don't want what-ifs roaming around in your mind. You want to work at your relationship and make sure you get through your tough time because what-ifs are just that. They're nothing concrete, and your bae is real and deserves a chance.

Your Family

Your family loves you.

These people will always love you and the truth is because they love you so much, you can do no wrong.

They will automatically vilify your boyfriend and defend you no matter what.

When talking about relationship issues, you need to find someone who is neutral and unbiased.

Your family cannot detach themselves from you.

Therefore, they'll make harsh criticisms that could potentially influence you negatively.

Your Ex

For the love of God, do not, I REPEAT, do not hit up your ex for advice when you've hit a wall with your current man!

There's no reason for this.

In fact, I'm kind of a firm believer there's no reason for exes to become friends or stay friendly.

The possibility for disaster is much too great, particularly if your relationship with this ex was serious.

He may still have feelings for you and because he's being so nice and caring about the whole situation, you may feel compelled into believing you also still have feelings for this person. You don't, baby girl.

He's your ex for a reason.