17 Reasons He Only Sees You As The Hookup And Never The Girlfriend

by Alexa Mellardo

Some girls always seem to be in a relationship.

You know the girl I'm talking about: Every few months, she's blowing up your newsfeed with pictures of her new boy toy, and she's always sporting a proud new relationship status.

No matter what time of year it is, this chick locks down a hottie shortly after her previous breakup.

She has legit relationships where she goes on fun trips with her man, and they know the other's family. He takes her on the sweetest dates, and they even have a freaking adorable dog together (because obviously).

As much as you want to get annoyed with this kind of girl, you should really only give her credit.

Trinette Reed

She's just doing what every gal SHOULD be doing before she settles down: She's testing out the waters before she makes a decision, and she's really getting to know different guys.

Knock her if you want, but she'll be extremely well-prepared. She will know exactly what she wants when the right guy comes along.

BUT hold up one hot second here: How TF do some girls even make it to this point, while other gals can't make it past the first date? Some girls are designated strictly to the “hookup” category in a guy's eyes.

There are 17 things that may be what's going wrong in your life if you're always seen as the hookup, but never the girlfriend.

1. You're looking for the wrong qualities in a guy.

2. You may have hooked up too soon, and he quickly lost interest.

Jovo Jovanovic

3. You don't have enough in common for him to make a solid commitment.

4. Something you consistently do is irritating AF, so why would a guy want to put himself through that all the time?

5. You're awkward around his friends.

Studio Firma

6. You may talk too much.

7. You may not talk enough.

8. You made a really bad first impression.

9. You're not fun.

10. You came across as a gold digger.

Dominique Chapman

11. You're too negative.

12. You're setting your expectations too high.

13. You're too much of a prima donna.

14. You're self-centered.

15. You're the kind of girl he sees as more of a “friends with benefits,” as opposed to the girl he's actually IN LOVE with.

Aleksandra Kovac

16. You're all about your job 24/7, leaving little time for the guys you date.

17. There's no substance to your connection; it's all fluff.

You may unknowingly be doing something that turns a lot of guys off. Therefore, they wouldn't want to take that leap to the next level and make a commitment to you.

Or maybe you've been dating a string of the wrong guys... guys who don't have relationships on their mind.

Take a step back. See if any of these red flags apply to previous dates and hookups where you were left completely dumbfounded, questioning, “Why the heck didn't he ask me to be his girlfriend?”

A connection is beautiful and totally natural; it should never be forced. If he wants to make a commitment to you, he will... no ifs, ands or buts about it.