Here Are 17 Relationship Resolutions You Should Set In 2017

by Ishita Bhojwani

We are a few weeks away from welcoming 2017, and the time has come to start thinking about our romantic resolutions for the new year.

Whether it's finding someone or improving a current relationship, it is important to set goals and stay on the right path, no matter where you are in your love life.

Here are 17 realistic goals I plan to set and follow during 2017, and you should, too. While some are fun, and some are serious, all of them are equally important.

1. Keep an eye out for love. 

Put an end to complaining about how there are no nice guys at the pub or online dating sites.

Look around: You just might find your future SO at a concert, a supermarket or a restaurant.

2. Listen to your gut instincts.

If the voice in your head tells you there is something about that guy, then get out of the relationship before it gets worse.

3. Stop guarding your heart, and speak from it instead. 

If you simply turn someone down before even having a conversation, you are far away from finding my forever kind of person.

Give that guy a chance.

4. Stop having a specific criteria.

Of course, having standards is necessary, but being overly specific about how the dream guy should be only makes things harder.

Keeping an open mind is important.

Go on actual dates and take things in — with him being absolutely chivalrous, of course.

5. Dress for yourself. 

Your wardrobe is your personality, and if he doesn't like you for the skin you are comfortable in, he is a pass.

6. Choose yourself first.

Your mental health comes first, even before your love life.

If the current relationship is not the right one, you don't have to continue it.

You will have plenty of relationships in the future, but right now, your focus should be being healthy and happy.

7. Don't crack under pressure.

There is no time limit when it comes to love.

Ignore everyone around you — parents, friends, colleagues — who ask you to choose someone because the clock is ticking.

You could possibly find your forever kind of person now or when you are 40.

8. Make the first move.

Usually, if you see an attractive guy and just stare at him, expecting him to say hello, change things up: Go up to him and introduce yourself.

Even if he is committed or you don't get his number, at least you tried your best. It'll help build your confidence.

9. Surround yourself with healthy relationships.

Stop giving a warped perspective on love.

Stop listening to so many melancholy love songs about cheaters, and stop seeing all those cheesy movies.

Start surrounding yourself with good people who believe in healthy relationships.

10. Netflix and chill – literally!

Even though the statement "Netflix and chill" has swept the internet, in this case, actually Netflix and chill.

Spend quality time with each other, watch your fave shows, cuddle and make  some relationship goals lit AF!

11. Just relax

When you're weird, they're weird with you.

The truth is once the "fun" equation is out of a relationship, it gets boring and dull. Be playful, have fun and make crazy memories.

12. Don't be afraid to be goofy. 

Do goofy things together, without any judgment.

If you want to wear those matching PJs and stay lazy at home, go ahead and do it!

13. Have some healthy competition.  

Be it career goals or anything else, this is certainly a good habit to build in order to not let competition get in the way of your relationship.

14. Enjoy some adventure. 

Why not go to a park or watch a fun movie?

Do something that brings out the best sides in both of you — it's a must. Travel together, go to places, learn and cherish the experience.

15. Stop focusing on the idea of long-term.

Fun on the first date? Second and third?

If yes, then just go with flow. There will be plenty of time to know if there's a future.

16. Do something that you've never done before. 

Make your experiences together even more special by doing something you've never done, even if it is a simple and small thing.

17. Surprise each other (it never gets old). 

There is something that makes these surprises special when you are caught off-guard. Appreciate the effort put in, and enjoy it.