Sidney Morgan

These Are 9 Realities Nobody Tells You About Marriage, From Married Women


There's much to be said about brides-to-be and what they can expect during their pre-wedding adventure, but nobody ever seems to speak out and talk about what it's really like once the couple says "I do" and returns back home from their honeymoon.

Does marriage shake up a relationship? Does it make things easier or does it make things feel stale? Does it make you realize that maybe you rushed into this whole thing too soon or maybe that you made some pretty annoying mistakes, like blowing your savings account on a giant wedding or registering for a popcorn machine.

Wondering what the insider's truth about marriage is? Read on to find out what these nine women admit the number one thing they wish someone told them about marriage before they tied the knot forever.

1. Nothing changes.

-- Roxy H., 29

2. Everything changes.

-- Hannah J., 27

3. You don't have much to look forward to.

-- Kelly P., 29

4. Everyone asks you about kids.

-- Jamie H., 28

5. You never use what you register for.

-- Ursula N., 30

6. You regret not buying a house.

-- Linda W., 29

7. You let yourself go.

-- Jackie D., 34

8. People write you off as boring.

-- Rachel M., 25

9. You wish you were still single.

-- Sarah Y., 33