These Are 9 Realities Nobody Tells You About Marriage, From Married Women

Sidney Morgan

There's much to be said about brides-to-be and what they can expect during their pre-wedding adventure, but nobody ever seems to speak out and talk about what it's really like once the couple says "I do" and returns back home from their honeymoon.

Does marriage shake up a relationship? Does it make things easier or does it make things feel stale? Does it make you realize that maybe you rushed into this whole thing too soon or maybe that you made some pretty annoying mistakes, like blowing your savings account on a giant wedding or registering for a popcorn machine.

Wondering what the insider's truth about marriage is? Read on to find out what these nine women admit the number one thing they wish someone told them about marriage before they tied the knot forever.

1. Nothing changes.

The only thing that's different is that I have a ring on my finger and we call each other husband and wife instead of boyfriend and girlfriend. Other than that, everything is the same. We have the same relationship as before and the same schedule and habits. Marriage didn't rock our world at all.

-- Roxy H., 29

2. Everything changes.

I'd like to admit something that nobody told me before I got married. Marriage changes everything. Seriously. Wedding planning was so stressful and it definitely hit us hard. So after the wedding was over, I thought the fighting would end too but it didn't. We still argued about meaningless things. I liked life together much better when we were cohabiting without any plans of marriage.

-- Hannah J., 27

3. You don't have much to look forward to.

Everything is so exciting when you're in the phases of dating. You look forward to a first kiss, a first date, the first time saying I love you. Then you look forward to getting the ring or the wedding planning. Once all that's over, your relationship feels stale, like a cracker left out on the dining room table for far too long. Sorry if that sounds depressing. It's just how it feels.

-- Kelly P., 29

4. Everyone asks you about kids.

It went from everyone asking about wedding, wedding, wedding to everyone asking about kids, kids, kids. Literally the second I walked down the aisle and kissed the groom, people rushed up to me and said when am I going to have a baby. Like chill, everyone. I want to enjoy being married for a little.

-- Jamie H., 28

5. You never use what you register for.

I registered for all those things they tell you to on wedding websites, things like a food processor and a set of nice plates and a panini press. Let me tell you something. I've been married for five years and I've never used a thing from my registry. I wish I registered for more practical things or just asked for cash to pay for a new car.

-- Ursula N., 30

6. You regret not buying a house.

We've been married for five years and the truth is, we have no money left in the bank. We spent every penny on our wedding and we're still paying off credit card bills because that's how we paid for the whole thing. Having an extravagant wedding was dumb. I wish I took that money and either invested it or paid for a down payment on a house.

-- Linda W., 29

7. You let yourself go.

Here's something nobody tells you, the more years you're in a relationship, the more you let yourself go. Seriously, by year three of marriage, I stopped going to the gym completely. I even stopped shaving my legs. I do that once every two months. Gross, right? Well, it's the cold hard truth.

-- Jackie D., 34

8. People write you off as boring.

I got married at 23 and at that age, most of my friends were still living at their parents' house and trying to get a job. It was fine, in my head that we were rolling down different life paths. But the second I actually got married, my friends stuck me in a category they labeled "boring friend" and stopped inviting me out. Excuse me friends, I can still take shots and dance till 4 am just because I have a hubby.

-- Rachel M., 25

9. You wish you were still single.

I got married before the days of online dating and dating apps being cool. I kind of wish I was still single so I could give those a whirl. Who knows who I'd end up with. Yes, I love the guy I'm with, but a part of me thinks there are many good people out there for you in the world and I wonder who I would have matched with online.

-- Sarah Y., 33