Why A Real Man Isn't Intimidated By A Strong Woman

by Blair Thill

I wish I had a dollar for every guy I've dated in my 2os.

Then, I wish I had another dollar for each one of those guys who was intimidated by my career ambitions and independence.

Put together, I'd probably have enough money to retire at 30. (If only it worked that way.)

A strong woman runs into obstacles like this all the time in the dating game. Some men can't handle a woman with a point of view and unyielding conviction.

But a REAL man WANTS his girl to stand on her own two feet. He wants a woman who can stand up for herself. He wants someone who will challenge him. He's looking for someone who wants — but doesn't need — to be with him.

If regular women are having these issues when dating, just imagine what powerful and independent comic book heroines are going through. Talk about intimidating.

Check out one example of their struggles in the below comic from Fiverr artist Alyssaerin.

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