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Why I'd Rather Be Single Than Stuck In Dating Purgatory

When you're in between being single and being in a committed relationship, sh*t gets weird.

In a nutshell, dating purgatory is when you feel awkward calling someone "babe" but not calling that person "daddy."

The word "purgatory" means the "final thesis" or the "final purification" before making it into heaven or hell.

In dating purgatory, the final thesis is when you're trying to figure out if you should be in a committed relationship with someone or if you want to break it off, and if hell is being free of relationship drama and sharing your pillows, maybe hell isn't that bad.

Dating purgatory sucks because you want to play it cool and wait just as long to text the person you're seeing as he or she took to text you back. You say you hate games, but you can't help but play them yourself. You find yourself starting to think about what your kids would look like with that person, while at the same time, you're still texting people "Sup?" on Tinder.

The best advice I have for surviving dating purgatory is just enjoy it! Before you know it, you'll be years into a relationship, having farting competitions.

"Gen whY" is back for season six to remind you in between love and friendship is the good, the bad and the painfully awkward.

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