9 Questions You Should Never Ask Someone If You Want To Land A Second Date

by Laura Wigodner
Milles Studio

First dates are nerve-racking, fun and unpredictable. They are a whole roller coaster of emotions. But unlike a roller coaster, you don't want it to decline.

In order to be likable to your date, you have to relax, be yourself and charm the sh*t out of the person. But, you also have to make sure you don't ask the wrong questions. One bad question can change the whole mood, and it might even prevent you from getting a second date.

Here are some questions you definitely shouldn't ask someone on a first date:

1. What went wrong in your past relationship(s)?

This question can lead to a long rant about how terrible this person's ex is. It also might make your date talk nonstop about how much he misses his ex, and then you have to sit there while he bawls his eyes out. Let's just avoid any questions related to this.

2. How much money do you make?

Sure, it's fine to ask your date what he does for a living, but don't ask him to give you a summary of his salary. It will make you seem like an invasive gold digger, which will make him want to run for the hills.

3. Am I attractive?

If your date wants to feed you compliments, he will. Not only is it inappropriate to ask anyone this question in general, but to ask someone this on a first date is complete blasphemy. Your date will be under the impression you're a very shallow person, which will automatically make you unattractive to him.

4. What are your political views?

Unless you enjoy getting into a disagreement on a first date, it's best to keep your mouth shut when it comes to politics. This topic isn't even that important when you're first getting to know someone. Ask your date if he likes dogs. Find out what his favorite food is. These are the important questions (for now).

5. How many people have you had sex with?

You don't need to know someone's sexual history right off the bat. Only doctors need to know the details of someone's sex life right upon meeting him or her. This is a very private question that shouldn't be asked until it's relevant.

6. What is the drunkest you have ever been?

It's OK to ask your date to tell you funny stories. But do you really want to hear about the stupid things he did because of alcohol? You can ask your date if he likes to drink, but don't ask him how wasted he likes to get. It's just reflects poorly upon you.

7. Do you have rich parents?

This is another question that makes you appear to be a gold digger. You can ask what his parents do. You can ask if he is close with their parents. But, don't ask about his parents' income. It's none of your business.

8. What does your dream wedding look like?

If you ask this question, your date will think you're asking him to marry you. It'll seem like you're inquiring about his dream wedding to see if it matches with yours. Slow it down there, partner.

9. What is your deepest, darkest secret?

You're definitely pushing your first date limits with this question, and you will come on way too strong if you ask him this. Why would a stranger trust you to hold onto such a big secret? If you wouldn't want him to ask you such a question, then don't expect him to answer it, either.