Relationships — The Pros And Cons Of Dating An Asshole
by Kelley Lord

Asshole, jerk or douchebag — it's always that "bad boy" type of guy that women are drawn to.

Assholes drive women up the wall, yet when a perfect gentleman walks by, they let 'em pass on by. There's just something about chasing after a jerk that's so appealing.

But women just seem to set themselves up for a challenge when dating a douche.

And when they decide to seek out a genuinely nice guy, a lot of the time, they're duped by a man who just doesn't show his true colors right away.

On the surface, he's all sweet, but those asshole tendencies don't shine through until later on. We believe we've found Mr. Right, just to find out he was a big enough asshole to lure us in in the first place.

To avoid all that unnecessary boy drama, here are four immediate pros and inevitable cons to dating an asshole and why you should trade them in for a nice guy ASAP.

He will keep things exciting (as if life were a dramatic reality show).

Some people will describe nice guys as boring... but are they really that bad?

Isn't it kind of nice not to constantly deal with the ups and down of a dramatic relationship that come with a douche?

At first, things with an asshole usually seem fiery and passionate, but that same fire is sure to burn through the bad times just as intensely.

Instead, find a guy who gets your blood racing, not boiling over.

He will remember important details from your time together (but only when you were fighting).

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What would you rather have: a guy who remembers your first kiss together or a guy who hangs what you said to him during a drunken argument over your head forever?

I think the answer is pretty clear.

Assholes can have selective memory, and it's usually not for the good things or the best times. They use the bad stuff in relationships to justify emotionally distancing themselves from you.

If an asshole keeps trying to bring up stuff from the past, let them know it's only damaging your happiness in the present and the future.

He will be there for you (most of the time).

Assholes have mastered the art of placing women low on their list of priorities, all while still being around just enough to make them feel too needy in a relationship.

They enjoy playing mind games. While you want to have a guy's attention, some guys will hold that over you like pizza on a treadmill.

So make sure you look out for the difference between a guy being occasionally busy and just permanently unavailable whenever you need him.

He will change your life forever (by scarring you emotionally).

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You'll never forget the crazy, wasted time spent with a true asshole.

Assholes manage to leave a person feeling so mistreated and confused by the end of a relationship. You dwell on all the blame that's been put on you for things not working out.

But in reality, he was never the right guy for you to be with in the first place.

If you're debating whether a guy falls under the "nice" or "jerk" category, just ask yourself if they make you happy. Do they put in effort to make you feel your best? If not, are you just making excuses for them and settling? Really dig deep and think about it.

Assholes are fun to fuck around with, sure, but at the end of the day, it's a nice guy who's going to be there waiting for you to catch you when you fall.

Make the right decision.