5 Places You Should Travel To When You're Going Through A Breakup

by RI

So, you're going through another dreaded breakup.

You're on the couch with Seamless, and Netflix has already compiled all of your favorite romantic comedies. Your roommates are sneaking out of the house because they no longer want to hear your stories about your ex.

This is the most common and worst possible way to move past a breakup. Whether it was a mutual split or a terrible breakup, you need to get out of the house.

By surrounding yourself with new and exciting experiences, you can finally stop focusing on your ex. It's hard to be sad about one person when you're seeing a whole new place.

Don't believe me?

Pack your bag and hit one of these five cities to get over your breakup:

1. Washington, DC

We are not here for politics. I repeat, we are not here for politics. What we are here for is music.

The District is often overlooked for places Austin and Chicago, but it is known for starting the careers of musical greats like Duke Ellington and Marvin Gaye. Venues like the Rock and Roll Hotel and Madam's Organ are great, if you want to have cheap drinks and dance all night.

The Howard Theatre has been a longtime venue for African American artists, similar to The Apollo Theater in Harlem. First Lady Michelle Obama and a few of her friends recently went to check out an act.

DC also has its own genre of music called go-go, and it's amazing. No one can quite describe go-go, which is perfect for you because right now, you're not about labels.

2. Bridgetown, Barbados

Go look at the ticket prices. Barbados is a steal, as long as you have your passport ready. What better way to forget about this breakup than go to a place that looks like heaven?

What can you do here? How about scuba diving, cliff jumping, hiking, fishing or just nothing? It's perfect.

The food of Barbados is a combination of past and present recipes that have all been uniquely preserved and creatively manipulated. With fresh lobster and a rum punch, you'll know how Stella got her groove back.

3. Boulder, Colorado

Your breakup has you stressed out, right? Well, Boulder in Colorado is pretty much the marijuana capital of the US, so that's awesome. You don't have to smoke to go there, but it will be relaxing.

The town seems to have a really chill vibe. Oh yeah, that's because everyone smokes. If you're the type of person who really enjoys the outdoors, this is the place to go.

Bike riding, rock climbing and hiking will consume your whole trip.

Your Instagram needed a little nature.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

This is the most expensive trip, but definitely well worth it. If you have an appreciation for architecture, this is the place to be.

There are chapels and cathedrals as far as the eye can see, and there is never a bad view. The nightlife here is also the best.

Prague also has Eastern Europe's biggest nightclub. Karlovy lázně is a five-story club that plays everything from mainstream to oldies. It also have pretty cheap drinks, costing around $5.

Come here and make friends from all over the world.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you really want to shake things up after a breakup, you have to go to Sin City. There is no shortage of things to do there.

You can catch major touring acts or check out indie bands along the strip. Gamble until your pockets won't let you anymore, or leave with enough to pay off Sallie Mae.

Expos for tech, gaming, anime, hunting or anything else are a great way to meet new friends and try to do something you already enjoy or something new in a city that is judgment-free.

Your relationship is over, but your life isn't. Making yourself a more rounded person is the best thing you can do after a breakup, and traveling is a great way to do that.

Remember the good, do your best to forget the bad and pack a bag because it's time for you to have some fun.