Quasi-Love Triangle: 8 Times You Have To Choose Your Boyfriend Or BFF

Welcome to relationships, where the balancing act is not only a part of circus shows, but also part of your real-life struggles.

Let’s say you meet a guy. He’s amazing. He’s hot (obviously), and he’s perfect to you. You guys start dating, and he becomes a major priority, right?

While you are making sweet, sweet memories with your man, you tend to brush your best friend to the side. Trust me; this happens to everyone.

This isn’t high school anymore. Hanging out with your boyfriend isn’t always in a big group of friends. You now live in the city where you have your privacy.

Going on dates is much more fun. Lying on the couch seems to be the “it” thing in relationships, so sometimes, you forget to check up on your best friend. Once you’ve settled down with the right one, getting hammered with the girls doesn’t sound fun anymore.

Well, drinking is always fun, but waking up with a nauseating hangover sounds like the worst thing on the planet.

Let’s be serious. There's always that one friend who gets upset because you hang out with your boyfriend too much, or needs to always have your attention. It's like you're dating two people.

(I have no idea how people have love triangles; talk about exhausting.)

Now, here’s the thing: We lose track of our friends because spending time with our men becomes what is most important. We want to get married and have children. And choosing our men over our best friends is more common as we get older.

But as you grow up, you have to learn to choose your battles wisely.

Do you need help deciding between your boyfriend or best friend? Luckily, I have the answers below:

1. Lying on the couch with your boyfriend, or getting dinner with the girls:

This is obvious. Lie on the couch.

Just kidding. Get up! Get dressed, and grab dinner with the girls.

You are so used to lounging with the man, that it’s completely okay to say, “Hey, babe. I’m going to grab dinner and drinks with the girls, so I’ll come over after.” Of course, he won’t care.

Guys want nothing more than to lie on the couch without a body full of hair in their face.

2. Visiting your boyfriend's parents, or celebrating a birthday:

Sue me for this one, but you probably have to go visit your boyfriend's parents. Meeting the parents is a big deal, especially if you see your future with this man.

If your best friend is supportive, she’ll be excited that you are close with his parents.

Yes, drinking sounds like way more fun, but sometimes, meeting the parents comes with the having-a-boyfriend territory.

Plus, I’m sure your man would rather get f*cked up with his guys than have dinner at your parents house, but he will still tag along because he cares about you.

3. Going out with your friends, or going out with his friends:

It's a toss up, but realistically, you could do both. You could meet up with his friends, and then meet up with your friends.

The problem is, who comes first? Would your girls care more if you met up with them later, or left them early?

They would probably be more pissed if you left them. Prioritize your time.

4. Getting dinner with your man, or getting dinner with the girls:

As you get older, organizing an evening that works for everyone becomes more of a hassle and more upsetting each time. If you find a night that works for all of your girls, get dinner with them.

You can get dinner with your boyfriend any other day of the week, considering all you two do is go out and eat anyway.

5. Hanging out with your man while your on your period, or hanging out with your girls:

Obviously, you want to hang out with your girls while you are on your period. And your boyfriend does not want to be around you when you are on your period. You can all agree with that.

You get mad at your man for anything and everything, but when you are hanging out with your girls, you’ll spend your time being miserable sans judgement.

6. Grabbing lunch with your man, or with your best friend:

Listen, if you have an hour to spare for lunch during work hours, choose your best friend. You’re probably going to end up seeing your boyfriend later that night anyway.

Go get lunch with your best friend, drink a few beers, and go back to work.

If you get lunch with your best friend, you are guaranteed to get back to work a little buzzed, which is perfectly okay. Just don’t forget to spellcheck your emails.

7. Taking your man to a wedding, or taking your best friend:

Yes, you and your best friend promised each other you would always be each other's plus ones, but guess what? Having your boyfriend be your date is way more fun.

Sorry, but you aren’t going to get any after-wedding loving by bringing your girl.

8. Hanging with your best friend after a terrible day, or your boyfriend:

If your girl needs comfort, go give her comfort. You’ll always end up back in your man's arms at the end of the night.

It’s easy to lose sight of what is more important, but in reality, both parties should be a major priority. Don’t get yourself into a bad situation because you didn’t choose wisely.

You should never have to choose, but you should make time for everyone who is important in your life.