The Perfect Scent For Every Bride Based On Her Wedding Location

by Alexa Mellardo

Although planning a wedding should be a fun and memorable time, brides have a ton of stress leading up to the big day.

From decor and divine desserts, to bridesmaids' dresses, accessories and picking an exquisite wedding gown, you've got a lot on your plate, girlfriend.

You're most likely surrounded by family and an awesome bridesmaid squad that will be at your beck and call.

But as far as a go-to wedding day scent is concerned, I have some tips that will put every bride at ease.

Your wedding day perfume is a critical part of the day, and should certainly not be a last-minute decision. You want to make an incredible impact, right? Your scent will surely follow you down the aisle, so choose wisely.

Thanks to this beautiful infographic from Scentbird, your perfect scent is based on the location or theme of your wedding.


1. Beach/Destination Wedding: Choose a musk for a sensual ceremony by the ocean.

A beach or destination wedding certainly calls for the appropriate scent… something that highlights the gorgeous tropical surroundings. This bride-to-be cannot go wrong wearing a fragrance with citrus, musk and an assortment of fresh floral notes.

The trending fad in fragrance is certainly musk for a beach wedding. This bride deserves something vibrant, fresh, sexy and clean.

2. Backyard/Barn: Go all out floral and woody for a rustic, elegant affair.

What's more appropriate than a fragrance that exudes a floral aroma for a backyard affair? The right perfume for an elegant backyard or rustic barn wedding would be one that has fresh fruit and woody notes or a rejuvenating fragrance of jasmine and grapefruit.

You'll be surrounded by tons of flowers, so why not be the most breathtaking flower of them all?

3. Ballroom/Luxury Hotel: Exude a citrusy elegance.

A lavish wedding like this calls for the bride to wear a fragrance that is just as luxurious. The perfumes meant for this wedding location exude the utmost elegance.

The bride tying the knot in a ballroom would give off an elite vibe wearing a perfume with orange blossom, honey and jasmine notes, or one that accentuates pralines and vanilla.

4. Vineyard: Keep in mind that dessert wine should always come first.

The bride who gets married on a vineyard is meant to wear a sweet or fruity perfume, with dessert wine as her inspiration. Whether she chooses a perfume that has caramel and vanilla notes or one that spotlights panna cotta, rose and red currant, this bride will surely make a lasting impression.

5. Urban City: This trendy bride deserves something sexy and floral.

This bride's wedding will undoubtedly be super trendy and beautiful. There's nothing quite like getting married in front of a backdrop of the cityscape. The urban city gal should wear a scent that's sexy and floral. One that highlights musk, fig and vanilla is a prime option.

6. Vintage: Think delicate and unique for this stunning theme.

A vintage-inspired wedding is for the modern but classic gal with distinct taste. Her day will, without a doubt, be Pinterest perfect, as this bride surely embraces life and lives for love. As with any unique treasure, her perfume should be graceful and unique. Her scent should embrace a delicate combo of soft blossoms, vanilla and orange.

What's awesome about Scentbird is that the company is a "subscription service" for colognes and perfumes. Its sample program is perfect for every bride-to-be who wants to test lavish perfumes prior to her big day, until she finds the one she falls in love with. The bride will be provided with a 30-day supply of the designer perfume of her choice every month delivered conveniently to her doorstep.

Committing to the right fragrance is a pretty big deal. The bride-to-be can create her personalized profile, take the site's TruScent quiz and she'll be closer than ever to finding the ultimate scent for her wedding day.

When planning your wedding, every detail counts. Your scent should complement you and capture the essence of your spectacular day.