People Reveal Why They Stayed With Their Partner Despite Their Family's Disapproval

Simone Becchetti

Sometimes, you just like whomever you like, without any real explanation behind it.

You may be completely enthralled by some traits others don't always see, while some are quick to judge why you want to be with someone who just doesn't seem right for you (at least in their eyes).

But for most, when it comes to taking the big step of introducing your partner to your parents, your family's stamp of approval is usually a top priority. You're happy, and you want to show mom and dad exactly who's put that smile on your face.

Unfortunately, though, your family doesn't always see what you see.

Just take a look at Ned Fleming (played by Bryan Cranston) and his relationship with the delinquent-natured Laird Mayhew (played by James Franco) in last year's hit comedy "Why Him?"

Mayhew's abrasive demeanor and playboy attitude is an immediate turn-off to Fleming, who quickly begins to question his daughter's relationship choices without getting to know her poor boyfriend.

In honor of the release of "Why Him?" on Blu-ray and the dilemma of having your partner meet your parents, only to face intense judgment, a handful of men and women took to Reddit to reveal exactly why they stayed with their partner, despite their family's disapproval.

Basically, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Everything this girl's boyfriend has done has been for her.

This boyfriend's assets outweigh any of his flaws.

This guy's family doesn't approve of his girlfriend's ethnicity.

This guy's boyfriend encourages him to be a better person.

This girl's mother wishes her daughter was dating a doctor.

This girl stopped letting her family make her decisions for her.

This guy would've dated his girlfriend, even with disapproving parents.

This guy knew he and his girlfriend just clicked naturally.

This girl thinks her partner's race shouldn't be an issue to her family.

This girl's family finally saw just how happy her boyfriend made her.

This guy feels the most comfortable around his girlfriend.

Now, it's your turn!

Comment below and share exactly why you chose your significant other, despite their vices or your family's disapproval, and we'll select five lucky winners to receive a Blu-ray copy of "Why Him?" (Terms & Conditions apply.)

"Why Him?" will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD March 28.