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People Share The Most Brutal Ways They Were Cheated On


Like Christian Grey, being cheated on has many shades.

Being cheated on is ALWAYS going to suck (duh).

But there are levels of how badly it's going to suck.

He could slip up one drunken time and come crying to you about it, or she could cheat on you with her ex for five months straight and never admit it until she gets pregnant with his baby. You see what I mean? There are levels.

So if you just got cheated on and you want to be comforted by someone who had it even worse than you (or if you're like me and you've never been cheated on but you just get a sick pleasure from reading this stuff), take a look at these stories from the worst ways people were cheated on.

His girlfriend got pregnant with another dude's baby.

— dcjboi

The girl he was dating never admitted she was back with her ex.

— CorleoneGuy

Her boyfriend two-timed her on Valentine's Day.

— Kelley, 25

His GF ignored him while she was hanging out at the other guy's house.

— D_Oberman

His first girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend.

— sadderday_thoughts

This guy got dumped after his GF went on a romantic vacation with her ex.

— GYN-k4H-Q3z-75B

His GF of five years made him break up with her even though she cheated.

— CardinalsFanatic

His girlfriend accidentally sent him a picture of herself with the other guy.

— sanicbam

This unsuspecting BF walked in on his girlfriend with the one guy he asked her not to speak to.

— danielsucksvagin

His girlfriend made out with the other guy in front of him.

— Cornelius4129

Being cheated on is always going to be rough but I think it's safe to say that these guys got it pretty dang bad.