15 People Explain What 'Taking A Break' Really Means To Them

Relationships tend to be double-edged swords.

When your relationship is going well, it's like all of the stars in the universe suddenly align and nothing can bring you down from the blissful euphoria of being head over heels in love with your boo.

But, we all know relationships have their ups and downs, and when things with your significant other start to head south, love can be a real motherf*cker.

If there's one thing worse than being flat out dumped, it's prolonging the painful process of having your heart broken. You know, like "taking a break."

Recently, Whisper, the app that lets you set your secrets free via anonymous messages, asked a bunch of people what "taking a break" from their relationships really means.

Personally, I tend to think of going on a break as kind of a bullsh*t way to break up with someone when you don't really have the balls to just end things.

However, you might be surprised to find, in some cases, a little distance from your significant other can make the heart grow fonder and actually fix the problems in your relationship.

Take a look at the pictures below to see what people think "taking a break" really means.

I'm preparing for the worst.

I think it's the beginning of the end.

Sometimes, you just need a little space.

I'm scared he wants space to see someone else.

He wants to play the field.

It's basically the same thing as breaking up.

I'm worried I might not want him back after this.

It's breaking my heart.

The whole point of a break is not seeing each other.

Maybe taking a break will make him realize what he has.

Hopefully some space will bring back that spark.

I'm scared she'll find someone else while we're apart.

So, what are you actually supposed to do on a break?

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Sometimes, you need to worry about yourself first.

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