12 Things People Who Love The Idea Of Someone Relate To

You may think you're falling in love with someone, but you could actually just be falling hard for “the idea” of him or her.

It's like the shiny, brand new sports car at the dealership down the road. It comes with all the fancy bells and whistles, and makes a hot damn impressive statement.

It may be super impractical or way out of your price range. It might also not even be the right option for you. But you love the status that comes with it, and that's what makes you happy.

In the dating world today, you might believe your love for someone is real.

But you could actually just be infatuated with the idea of this person SO much, it comes across as love. In reality, it's nothing of the sort.


People who love “the idea” of someone have some – if not all – of these 12 things in common.

1. You always want to be in a relationship, and you feel incomplete when you're alone.

2. You're rarely satisfied with staying in and having an intimate date because you want to go out and be seen with your guy.

3. You're always keeping your eyes peeled for the next best thing that comes along.

4. You decide if you like what you see on someone's social media profile before you meet the person. You don't wait to see what the person's truly like on the inside.

5. When you DO meet that person IRL, you already have your notions that take priority.

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6. You compare what you have in your relationship to what other couples have.

7. You put on a smile and try to convince yourself you're happy... because it's better than facing reality.

8. You depend on someone else to fill a void in your life.

9. You build up a dream world for your love life when you want to escape reality.


10. You settle, but you may not even know you're doing it.

11. Your conversations are fluff. There's no raw substance behind them, and you don't really want to get to know one another.

12. There is no real depth to the relationship, and serious issues are rarely discussed.

The mind has a tendency to play tricks on us all.

But when you're truly in love with someone, you'd do anything for the person. You wouldn't be able to picture life with someone else.