Woman has vivid sex dream in her sleep.
11 People Describe Their Hottest Sex Dreams In Vivid Detail

From threesomes to Bill Nye, the possibilities are endless.

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There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to having sexy dreams. I want to put that out there right away, because now I'm going to confess one of mine, and I don't want you to judge me! My most vivid sex dream was one where I got it on with Vladimir Putin. Yes, this is a true story. But the slumbering heart wants what it wants, and apparently, that night mine wanted to get freaky with a dictator. I couldn't imagine anything weirder until I started reading people describe their most vivid sexy dreams, and then suddenly my night of passion with Putin seemed kind of tame. Maybe even boring, that is if the people sharing their stories about their most memorable sex dreams are anything to go by.

In all seriousness, sex dreams can be kind of amazing. Not just because they feel really, really good, but because they can be so unique and a really great way to learn about what you like and let off some sexual steam. And when you’re dreaming, you don’t even need to put in any work! The dream picks you. But just how imaginative sex dreams really get? To answer that, just read on for some steamy sex dream examples, some provided to Elite Daily, and others from Reddit. Warning: Things are about to get very hot.

The Sex Dream That’s (Almost) Real
LordHenriVoton/E+/Getty Images

“I was on vacation with my boyfriend and decided to take an afternoon nap. I started having a dream that one of my close girlfriends (who's bi) was eating me out. It felt so real and I was really getting into it, to the point where I moaned so loud that I woke up — to my boyfriend eating me out. I never told him, but to this day it's the hottest sex dream I've ever had.”

Anonymous, 26

The Celebrity Sex Dream

“I have a good friend who is obsessed with Adam Driver. She loves him, to the point that her friends got her a lifesize cardboard cutout of him for her birthday last year. Anyway, I’ve never totally understood the collective horniness for him, but I know it’s a big thing (ahem) on the internet. Adam’s a great actor, but he’s never really done it for me in terms of hotness.

Well, all that changed a few months ago when I had an extremely intense, extremely NSFW sexy dream about him. Dream Adam Driver knew his way around the bedroom and around my body… and let’s just say I understand the appeal now. But ever the loyal BFF, I had to text my friend the next day to confess what happened. She forgave me and immediately asked for details, which is how you know our friendship is the best. It can withstand any sex dream betrayal — Adam Driver included.”

Anonymous, 26

“I've always thought intelligence was the sexiest thing, I just woke from the hottest sex dream I've ever had featuring Bill Nye.”

u/twoob, Reddit

“I have, on more than one occasion, dreamt about P!NK. I don't understand it, I don't listen to her music or care for her much, let alone think about her. Yet she's the only celebrity I've ever really dreamt about having sex with.”

u/reddot445, Reddit

The Sex Dream That Sparks Your Curiosity

“I had a sex dream about a male friend’s girlfriend and it was… really hot? I woke up and was like ‘Woah.’ I had no idea what it meant at the time, but I now realize that I am very, very not straight.”

Anonymous, 27

“I identify as straight, though I’ve always enjoyed the idea of trying a threesome where I’m the main attraction so I don’t really do much to the other woman but much happens to me. But last night I had a very sexual dream where it was two other women and me. It started with me joining another man and woman, but then the man left and another woman came and we were just going at it.”

u/TooConfusedToTalk, Reddit

The Sex Dream That Makes Things Awkward
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“I have hot sex dreams about my coworker and it’s making things both fun and weird. [...] Our chats have suddenly kinda taken on a witty, banterous, not-quite-flirty tone and I find it insanely hot, to the point where I'm super turned on after and then end up dreaming about f*cking his brains out. We don't even talk about anything sexual, more just one of us riffs off the other and it drives me crazy. We don’t talk all the time and when we do talk it’s never for more than 30 mins at a time, thankfully. Last night I had one of those dreams and just had to message him today about something and it felt super weird.”

u/Distinct-Age-8620, Reddit

I keep having recurring sex dreams about one of my best friends. Both my friend and I are both bisexual women and so our options to each other are in fact open, people tend to mistake us for a couple and I don’t necessarily hate it. I don't know if I like her but for months now I've had so, so many recurring sex dreams//fantasies? about her.”

u/InfinityFireflies, Reddit

The Sex Dream You Just Keep Having

“I was seeing a guy who was only in my city temporarily, and I knew he would go home eventually. We were seeing each other pretty consistently for a little over two months, FaceTiming and texting, but when I realized I had feelings for him even though he would be leaving soon, I panicked and we did the whole slow-fade thing.

I swear this man started manifesting me or something, because I was on a perfectly lovely date with some other guy who I was starting to like, but mid-lasagna bite I had a vision of the other guy f*cking me from behind while pulling my hair. Later that night I had a dream that he was lying in my bed, and we were making out passionately because we hadn’t seen each other in weeks. I went down on him before going crazy riding his d*ck, then he got on top and pushed my legs up toward my shoulders and was f*cking me really hard like and leaning forward to make out with me. I had variations of this dream for weeks.

I had to mute his account because I missed him and was sad and thought I would never see him again, and any time I saw his account pop up I would get vivid sex thoughts and get too horny. Flash forward a few weeks later, and for some reason he was back in town for a few days. He hit me up, and we had a great date and amazing sex, exactly like that initial dream. I realllyyyyy like this guy, and sex with him was as incredible as I remembered/dreamt it would be. He lowkey put a damper on my hot girl summer because no other guy can compare.”

Anonymous, 27

“I have a knack for remembering my dreams and over the last few years a lot of them have been super erotic. [...] Some just got enough that I wake up and immediately masturbate to the dream. Some dreams stick with me for years and I still get aroused remembering them. My dreams are so intense and detailed I’ve been regularly writing them down as erotic literature.”

u/FitAtmosphere1, Reddit

The Sex Dream With An Anticlimactic Ending (Literally)

“This is definitely sex dreams (plural) because it has happened way more than once, but I have had many sweet, sweet dreams where I'm hanging out with Matt James and Tyler Cameron in their NYC apartment and the boys start feeling freaky. Long story short, it's the best moment of my life, but then I start feeling incredibly guilty because I have a boyfriend (I'm honestly so loyal even in my dreams, it's pretty inspiring) and then I turn down having a threesome with two of the hottest members of Bachelor Nation.”

Anonymous, 25

Feeling hot and bothered yet? Here’s to manifesting some great sex dreams of your own.

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