Why It Pays To Be A Bitch

by Trophy Wife

Guys who act like egotistical, selfish assholes are often the ones who get ahead in life – whereas girls who do the same thing get branded as a bitch.

Whenever a man asserts any kind of authority, he is praised as a leader; when a woman does the same, she is bound to rub someone the wrong way and the term bitch comes out to play.

The majority of women who have been called a bitch have possessed strength, courage and used their minds to create positions of power. They have made tough decisions and may not always be agreeable to everyone who works for them. Men who possess these qualities are not seen as bitches – but as strong, tough leaders who everyone respects. So, why can’t this title be applied to women as well?

If being a bitch means that you are a woman who demands respect, who is a force to be reckoned with in business and in life, then why can’t we use the term bitch as a new type of modern compliment?

Ladies – it’s time for us to realize that it actually pays to be a bitch and here are all the reasons why:

Nice girls get nowhere

Nice girls try to get others to like them, hoping that by doing so people will then give them what they want. Bitches take what they want, and don’t need to be at the beck and call of someone else, because at the end of the day, the people that the nice girls have been kissing up to will generally end up taking advantage of their niceness instead of rewarding them.

Bitches learn early on in life that they can’t depend on others to take care of them – if they want something, they’ll have to go after it and make their own justice. Also, in most personal relationships and many professional ones, acting detached and aloof makes people try harder with you. They try to win your approval instead of you trying to win theirs.

Bitches don’t put up with any bullshit

Men love bitches – a girl who panders to everything he says and is always at his beck and call is too easy. Men love the chase, and playing hard to get to a certain extent fuels that need. Look around you – how many men do you see dating docile, passive and submissive girls? (Let’s rule out the dudes with yellow fever.)

The bitch does things differently – her way, and she’s not willing to take any bullshit from you or anyone else and will not hesitate to tell you so. Men admire this brazen quality and make them respect her more.

Bitches look out for themselves

Being a bitch isn’t about being a bad person – it’s about having an attitude that you need to fight for what you want because to get what you want in life, you need to fight for it and not let anyone stand in your way. Being the bitch is about looking out for number one – yourself – and not chasing other people’s approval or letting them get in your way.

A lot of women tend to compromise their free time when they are in a relationship and generally always put the man first. A bitch will first take into consideration her needs and wants, and will not think twice about canceling a date if she isn’t feeling it. While this can be a frustrating trait, many men admire the fact that she values and respects her own time and has a life that is independent of him.

Bitches get promoted

Haven’t you heard the term ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease?’ In order to get what you want, you need to be vocal and direct about it. Nice girls sit waiting around for validation for a project that they’ve spent weeks on, which might never come.

Bitches, on the other hand, speak up and vocalize not only how many hours they spent on the project but also how much additional revenue their work has brought to the company. CEOs are generally very time poor people and don’t have hours trawling through emails to give recognition where it’s deserved.

Being decisive and taking the lead gets you noticed in the workplace and these are the essential attributes for any woman who wants to advance.

Being a bitch doesn't automatically mean that you are an evil person. In this case, it simply means that you are bold and brazen enough to assert yourself and your needs. In a bitch’s world, she is always number one.

After all – you’re always going to be someone’s bitch, so you might as well act like one.

The Trophy Wife | Elite.