Partner In Crime: 8 Voids In Your Life The Person You Marry Should Fill

by Paul Hudson

There are risks when your happiness begins to rely on the presence and happiness of another -- there’s no denying that.

At the same time, our happiness is always reliant on others.

Concentrating that need onto one individual does increase the risks, but at the same time also allows for a more intoxicating experience.

People often say you should do your best to never rely on others, but that’s silly. It’s not possible.

We all rely on other people.

We’ve relied on other people since before we were born and will continue to do so until after our death; we sure as hell can’t bury ourselves.

Our happiness must rely on others as well, as no individual could spend a life of solitude and come out the other side sane -- forget happy.

Life allows for many voids, but meeting the right person is often the only way of filling them.

The void of not having someone in your life who truly knows you -- a best friend.

Some of us have best friends -- others don’t. Others have best friends they call best friends but don’t actually believe to be best friends.

Best friends are only best friends when they know you just as well as you know yourself -- if only from a different angle -- and love you nonetheless.

Not having anyone in your life who knows you incredibly well is saddening.

It’s nice having someone there to give his or her input on your life, another set of eyes to keep you on track and focused on your preferred reality.

Not having such a best friend does make life less enjoyable, leaving a shaded void where there should be friendship and a common understanding.

The void of not having anyone to call family.

Family doesn’t always feel like family. I wish it were different, but not everyone is lucky enough to be born into a loving family.

If your family isn’t loving -- even if only in their own misguided way -- then they aren’t really family.

Family is special because no matter how well they know or don’t know you, they will be there for you.

They will help you when you need help and give you advice even when you aren’t asking for it.

They have your back and will have your back for as long as you continue being family.

When it comes to family, they don’t necessarily have to be blood relatives.

In fact, finding someone to share your life with often makes you even more appreciative, as when we’re younger, we just don’t get it.

The void left by heartache.

Heartbreak doesn’t always leave a void. Sometimes the heartache we experience is shallow, superficial. Other times, however, heartbreak does leave its mark.

The only way to plug that hole, close that void is to fill it with another love -- another chance for heartbreak.

The only way to love is to risk heartbreak, risk feeling pain and shedding tears. Without that risk, it isn’t love.

So, you can only fill the void left by heartache by increasing the likelihood of future pain and suffering. Maybe we’re all just a bunch of masochists.

Regardless, the one you ought to marry is the one who fills your life with so much love and compassion that there simply isn’t room for even the memory of the love for another.

The void of not having anyone in your life you can completely trust.

We live in a world where everyone chooses to be in competition with everyone else.

Everyone wants more than the next gal, and some are willing to go to great lengths to make sure he or she keeps more of the pie for him or herself.

Well, hopefully not everyone. There is only one type of individual who isn’t going to try and take from you just to benefit from it: a teammate.

And the only reason he or she isn’t taking from you is because that person believes working with you rather than against you is beneficial.

But hey, we’re animals after all; if we aren’t winning, we’re losing. Or at least that’s what we’re taught to believe.

The void of not having a partner in crime.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy playing by all the rules. As far as I’m concerned, if they don’t make logical sense, then they are nothing more than recommendations.

Nothing dangerous of course, but we can’t forget what it means to be a kid.

Life isn’t all about having fun, but if you aren’t making room for fun, then you aren’t living life to the best of your ability.

Have you ever bounced a tennis ball off the wall for fun, on your own? How long did that fun last? You need someone to cause havoc with you because it makes life more interesting.

Not to mention, you’re going to need someone to corroborate your story.

The void created by wandering through this life alone -- not having a someone to call home.

I understand the clarity being on your lonesome allows for. But it does get old.

You do need some alone time to get to know yourself, but you also need interaction with others to get to know yourself.

The most important aspect of human nature is how we treat others. Not until you understand how and why you treat people the way you do will you understand the person you are.

Having someone by your side, someone to create stories with and, later in life, reminisce on them with is one of life’s greatest gifts.

Having a different perspective on the same experiences is the best way to live life.

Do you know the best part of all of it? If you find the right person, he or she will feel like home, no matter where you travel, what hardships you come across or how lost you find yourself.

Home isn’t a place; it’s the people who make it feel like home.

The void that is a purposeless life.

The reason love is so revered is because it gives life meaning. It gives us a purpose.

A purpose as to why we’re doing what we’re doing and possibly even why we believe we were born -- born to meet this person, love him or her and make him or her happy.

Some people prefer staying away from such arrangements. They prefer to dive into their work, devoting their numbered days to a different purpose.

Do all people need love to give them purpose? Maybe not romantic love, but I do believe we all need love in our lives, in one form or another.

The void that is not having a purpose in life can only be filled by love. Whether love for a cause or love for another, that’s up to you.

The void we all feel but don’t always know how to put into words.

It’s the feeling of the world not being right. Your life not being right. A sort of silent confusion that presents itself as a properly functioning system.

The word isn’t a good place. It isn’t a bad place either, but it is messy. It’s this messiness and triviality that often gets to me.

It almost feels like something is missing but, at the same time, that everything is now overabundant -- if just poorly distributed.

There is an ugliness to life that will never go away. It’s a necessary part of the cycle you can’t get rid of without getting rid of all that contradicts it.

Finding a partner to love and share your life with may not fix the world, but it makes it appear more beautiful. A level of ignorance seems to be necessary.

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