An Open Letter To The Ex I Cannot Thank Enough For Ending Our Relationship

by Olivia Cross

Dear Ex,

Just like any couple, we shared wonderful memories I'm sure neither of us will ever forget.

You allowed me to experience true happiness.

Thank you for making me laugh and for making long distance seem easy. Thank you for supporting me and believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.

But you broke my heart the day you chose to walk away. Although it still pains me to know you are gone, I've begun to heal and move forward with my life.

But now that I look back, here are 13 reasons why I can't thank you enough for breaking up with me:

1. Thank you for walking out of my life.

Thank you for lying to me, manipulating me, deceiving me and for playing me a fool.

Thank you for showing me what it feels like to have your heart shattered into millions of pieces for reasons you'll never be able to understand.

2. Thank you for allowing me to be free of your family's judgment.

Free of feeling like a burden, free of feeling like I wasn't good or ever going to be good enough for you or your family, free of being asked to convert hundreds of times because it would "make life easier."

3. Thank you for messing with my head.

You'd always twist my words to get your way.

Thank you for telling me all the things you were convinced were right, like how you "don't have a relationship" with my parents.

4. Thank you for strengthening my relationship with my family.

You showed me that at the end of the day, family is forever.

They have been my support system, my team, my motivation to keep going.

5. Thank you for leaving me during my time of need.

Little did I know or realize at the time, I was much stronger than I gave myself credit for.

Thank you for allowing me to take time for myself, to improve and to grow.

6. Thank you for making me realize I deserve better.

Thank you for showing me I deserve someone who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him.

I know I deserve the unconditional, wholehearted love I give so willingly and selflessly.

7. Thank you for leaving me with hundreds of unanswered questions.

Thank you for being a coward, hesitant and afraid to answer my questions, after telling me how "honest" you are.

8. Thank you for manipulating me.

Your manipulation led me to understand how toxic a relationship can be. Acting this way to the person you supposedly "love" is cruel.

No one deserves to be tormented in this way.

9. Thank you for disrespecting me.

That was all your doing. That was your decision.

Have you forgotten that — just like you forgot that I am person with feelings and emotions?

10. Thank you for showing me you never realized how hurtful your words and actions can be.

It was only OK when you did it, right? You didn't realize your actions unless I repeated them back to you — or better — actually said the same to you.

11. Thank you for showing me I am strong enough.

I am strong enough to ignore your texts, Snapchats, Instagram and Facebook likes.

Thank you for showing me you really never gave a damn about my feelings.

You taught me to trust the red flags.

12. Thank you for breaking my heart.

Your hurt allowed me to experience hundreds of new things and new people.

13. Most importantly, thank you for giving me the opportunity to strengthen the best and longest relationship I've ever had.

And that is the one with myself.