This Elderly Man Spoon-Feeding His Wife Ice Cream Will Make You Cry In The Club


There's nothing in the world that warms my heart like an old, married couple who are still in love after all these years. And today, my heart just got super warm. Seriously, I'm feeling every feeling ever right now.

Basically, a Reddit user was in a Sonic parking lot (you know, where you drive up and eat the food in your car?) when they spotted and older man and his wife. You guys, the Reddit user saw this cute old man feeding his wife ice cream as the sat with each other in the car. And lucky for us, the person managed to snag a pic!


An elderly man sitting outside of his car door spoon feeding his wife ice cream from pics

In the photo, it appears that the elderly man literally got out of the driver's seat and sat on the other side of the car with his wife (presumably), and he literally spoon-fed her ice cream.

The guy who saw the two posted the adorable picture to Reddit, where it gained lots of attention. Other users even started sharing their own adorable encounters with true love...

Like this man who was holding his wheelchair-bound wife up during a concert.

Or this man who knew he'd never find a woman as good as his wife.

And this man who still holds his wife's hand after she had to have her wedding ring cut off.

Or this man who's truly been there for his wife through thick and thin.

All right, now, grab a tissue, wipe those tears off your face, and get back to work at finding the kind of true love this man who feeds his wife ice cream has.