Love Is Obsequious

by Evelyn Pelczar

There is a discipline to every detail in life. Mastery, if you will, requires effort, repetition and a practical approach towards your goals. We are all born with the innate ability to love and be loved.

It’s like breathing or our natural instinct to survive. Love is natural; however, as time progresses, we learn that just being is not enough. I’d like to suggest respectfully, that love, like every detail in life can be mastered.

This mastery is not found in some esoteric language or in a New York Times best seller. Most assuredly, it is in the awareness of one's higher consciousness and willingness of spirit.

"Life is nothing but a dream and if we are artists then we can create our life with Love, and our dream becomes a masterpiece of art." - Don Miguel Ruiz

The truth that forms love is perfect and does not require any input from human beings. It is the human interpretation of love and the fictional tales we hear from childhood that need to be rectified. Before we grew up and gained life experience, love passed through our young minds effortlessly.  As we learned to navigate the hurts of life, we learned to approach love with fear.

Love - in itself (ourselves) has been and will always be enough!

Know this to be true: all is sustainable when conscious, tenacious effort is put forth on a consistent basis. The disarming part is that over time, you can either master the truth or the fear of love. The choice is yours.

Life is synonymous with love. You live it, you experience it and have it as long as you will. So embrace it without hesitation; it can be gone tomorrow as you look past it today. Love in itself is singular and will always be enough, as it is.

The Mastery of love is an attempt to regain the truth that was once the driving force and motive for our Spiritual being. Unfortunately, that truth has been replaced with our "human experiences."  Love is what grounded our existence and until the process of domestic training, love was the taut thread fabric of our lives.

The true innocence of our love lives within our "infinite spiritual infancy."  And truth is never discovered, only revealed. The truth of love is not for you to discover but well worth the effort to reveal. Love is the motivating factor and key component to all that goes into life.

"The art and mastery of love requires attention and discipline" - Poarts

Take this for example: we love best when we are children, until we are taught otherwise.  Children love unconditionally, absent of prejudice, expectation and/or consequence.  This purity in love is the gravitational pull exhibited when one sees the smiling gums or hears the happy laugh of a baby.

There is euphoria and joy accompanied with being in the presence of a child or even the delicate anticipation of the child to come. The stork, who is much more effective than Cupid, actually delivers you a bundle of love. Newborns give us the hope that we will one day reunite with the liberty of loving in our true nature.

Even so, we make an effort to rediscover the language of love. As you may know, at times it is very challenging to communicate love or express our love without the fear of whiplash. Ever wonder why we subscribe to "baby talk" when displaying affection to children. The famous (Goo Goo Gaa Gaa) is the most popular way to say I love you.

Our love for children is so pure and innocent that we cannot find a way to say it in our own language. Understandably so, babies cannot interpret the Morse code, but they can sense the vibration and connect with the energy that is being projected.

These precocious beings receive your message and signal back to you that it is okay to continue, as it brings them joy to receive your love. Okay, this may be a stretch but there is some truth behind what retards our ability to simply say "I love you."

Love is like a language and has many forms of expression. I used the example of the infant relation because it is the one form of expression done so without fear.

Fear, being the bully that it is, intimidates us into believing that Love is chaotic and out of control. We take this precaution and Tiptoe Timidly on the brinks. Think of Love as an element to life that provides purpose for your existence. And before you allow love to take the blame for human error, consider this familiar tune ….

"Whats Love got to do got to do with it" ….. Tina Tuner aka Ana Mae, and remember her husband Ike Turner claimed love was his motive for his abusive nature. It is not Love that hurts, but what is done in the name of love. Define the difference and don't let the best gift life has to offer become null and void in your life or for those whom you truly love.

"I am no longer a victim of love, but a victor of what I give not what I receive."

 Jamel Davenport | Elite.