17 Reasons You Need To Realize Getting No Message Is Message Enough

Excuses — things we offer up to pardon people for behaviors we can't wrap our minds around.

I have born witness to too many women out there complaining about guys whom they feel in limbo with.

These women offer excuse after excuse when it comes to guys they don't even like. It's to the point where it's laughable about how clueless these people are.

You know what? It's definitely passed that point; it's reached the brink of sadness.

If a guy doesn't seem that interested in you, and you are trying to fix that -- that's your problem right there.

Why are you putting your self-worth in a man's hands? If he doesn't seem interested, it's his loss, not yours, and the sooner you're able to recognize that, the better off you will be.

You won't be wasting your time overanalyzing menial messages, and you won't toy with the idea of a possible "future" that everyone knows will never happen anyway.

The more you put up with this bullsh*t, the longer a guy will be able to get away with it for, thus perpetuating the cycle of mind boggling crap you don't understand.

Why would a guy change his behavior when you allow it to continue? If you don't like a way a guy is acting, find another one! Why are you wasting your time fixating on a person you can't even get to communicate with you?

So for all you ladies who need an eye-opener, here it is...

1. If he's only texting you at 2 am, you can't expect him to be there at 2 pm.

He's always around in the wee hours of the morning, but you can't figure out why he isn't answering in the afternoon.

Have you ever stopped to think maybe he already got what he wanted? Why would a guy want to contact you during the daytime if the only time you're entertaining him is during after hours?

2. If he always breaks your plans, he's going to break your heart.

If a guy can't even keep dinner plans together, how do you think he's going to keep his life and your life together?

What about that screams reliable? Exactly... none of it.

3. If he can't even send you a few words, he won't ever utter those three words.

As easy as texting is, some people make it extremely difficult. If the guy you're talking to (or trying to talk to) can't even muster up a “good morning” text, how do you ever expect him to tell you he loves you? You don't even know at this point if he likes you...

4. If he doesn't have the time for you now, he won't make the time for you later.

People have time for the things they make time for -- there is no such thing as "I don't have time."

All that means is you are not a priority, and this man has better things to do. Guess what? You should too.

5. If he only takes you to drinks, he doesn't care if you're getting fed.

There's a clear distinction between a dinner date and just grabbing drinks.

One is casual and revolves around getting drunk while the other is more low-key and has a clear timeline.

Drinks can last for 20 minutes or an hour; dinner is a solid two-hour commitment. Think about it...

6. If he doesn't want to meet the people closest to you, he's never going to get close to you.

If a guy isn't interested in meeting the people who you are closest with, what makes you think he's going to be around... ever?

It's a statement in and of itself when a guy isn't trying to form a bond with your friends.

7. If he doesn't even call you, he's definitely not going to be calling you his girlfriend.

A guy who isn't picking up the phone to discuss plans clearly doesn't think much of you.

In fact, it doesn't sound as if he's doing much thinking at all.

8. If he's never staying over, you're never moving in.

You had sex, great. Now what? Does he stick around and hang out or does he rush out the door?

And don't be fooled by, "I can only get a good night's sleep in my own bed," because that's a load of crap.

9. If he doesn't put up with your sh*t, then he's just a giant one.

If he can't handle you when you're moody, then you shouldn't be letting him handle your booty.

10. If he doesn't notice the little things, how do you expect him to handle the big things?

Life is one big sh*t storm after the next, so if your man doesn't even notice your subtle hints, well then you already know he isn't prepared for when things get real bad.

11. If he doesn't refer to you by your name, he's definitely screaming someone else's.

He isn't calling you “baby” because it's a cute pet name; he just genuinely can't be bothered to remember your actual name.

12. If you're not hanging out during the week, you already know you're reserved for the weekends.

If you have to ask yourself why he isn't contacting you during the week, aren't you already aware he doesn't see a place for you in his future?

There are two types of girls in this world -- weekend chicks and weekday chicks.

13. If he's always buying you gifts, you know he isn't going to be present.

Gifts are just ways to make up for the lack of the in-person attention you know you deserve.

14. If you're resorting to ultimatums, you already know you're forcing him out the door.

Ultimatums never fulfill the purpose they are intended to. All they do is create resentment for both parties.

15. If you never met his friends, his friends don't know about you.

Why wouldn't the guy you're seeing want to introduce you to his friends?

If he saw a place for you in his life, wouldn't he want to integrate you in it?

16. If you don't know about his past, he's definitely not in your future.

When it comes to real love, you shouldn't feel the need to hide anything.

17. If you've never had a conversation, you should read between the lines.

If you think he's just not that into you, chances are he's definitely not that into you.

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