Why Breaking Mr. Nice Guy's Heart May Be The Best Decision Of Your Life

When I was younger, I had the privilege of dating one of those really great guys. You know, the ones who open the door for you, always reply to your texts and generally care about how your day went. The nice guys of the world.

He was sweet, doting, complimentary and funny. I knew that no matter what happened in my life, he would be there, offering a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold.

He always said and did exactly the right thing; he never made me feel like I was anything but his dream girl.

He was practically perfect.

But, after five years of an on-and-off, back-and-forth relationship, with me constantly looking for something else and him trying to make it work, I pulled the plug. I called it quits. I said goodbye, packed my bags and walked away for the last time.

I broke his heart.

You all know this guy. Some of you have also broken his heart. Others have watched or consoled him as he put it back together. Everyone said it would happen, and of course, everyone was right.

There’s a reason he never gets the girl and always finishes last. Mr. Nice Guy wasn’t the guy for me, and he isn’t the guy for you. And, although it may sound terrible, breaking his heart may be the best decision of your life — and his.

You love him and he loves you. But, it takes more than love to sustain a relationship, and as time passes, you realize that despite his kindness, he’s kind of boring. He presents no challenge. He isn’t passionate, and he isn’t exciting. He doesn’t make your toes curl or take your breath away.

And, no matter how sweet, endearing and attentive he very well may be, there will always be something missing.

What’s even sadder, Mr. Nice Guy will continue trying to make you happy because it isn’t in him to walk away. He’ll spend years, maybe even an entire lifetime coming up short of your expectations, never being The One.

So, what do you do? Should you sacrifice the chance for heart-pounding, knee-weakening love just to avoid hurting him? No, you shouldn’t. We all have but a single life to live, and we all must make the most of it.

Why settle for mediocre if there is even the slightest chance for something amazing?

Do the right thing and let him go. Don’t be afraid to be honest. Don’t be afraid to tell him he’s not The One. It’ll be hard to say and even harder for him to hear. He may try to convince you otherwise.

He may beg you to stay. But, the truth is that it’s best to walk away.

Leaving him will free you up to find the man of your dreams, the one who can make your toes curl and take your breath away. And, in time, he will realize that although he loved you, you didn’t make his toes curl or take his breath away, either.

Loving him means letting him go.

There is a Mrs. Nice Girl out there, looking for her nice guy, and if he’s busy tied up with the one who’s all wrong for him, he’ll miss out on finding her. You see, Mr. Nice Guy is exciting and passionate; he just isn’t that person for you.

What works for some doesn’t for others. Life isn’t about settling, it’s about living. If you have to break a few hearts along the way, rest easy; what’s meant to be will always prevail.