This New Dating App Is Perfect If You Love Taking Snapchat Videos


After watching my Snapchat story for the 397th time, sometimes I think to myself, "I'm so hilarious. I would date the shit out of myself."

Then, I save the story to my phone permanently and watch it again and again every time I'm feeling down. That way, I can remind myself I am a freaking CATCH.

Unfortunately, the only people seeing these stories are myself, my friends and some boys who already had the pleasure of realizing what a total catch I really am.

I have to say, pictures don't do me the same justice. Simply put, I'm awkward in pictures. I get weird and uncomfortable, and my face really reflects that. No, scratch that. My entire body reflects it. There is not one picture out there that doesn't make me look like a total giant, awkward freakazoid.

So maybe, that's why dating apps never really were my jam. A guy thinking he's going to get along with me solely based on my pictures probably isn't going to get a great vibe for who I really am.

But the new dating app, Lively, is putting an end to that problem for us once and for all. How, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

Lively is going to be the first dating app that will use more than just static images and texts as your dating app profile. Instead, you'll be able to weave your own "story" collage (like a Snap story) of photos and videos.

Additionally, your Lively profile will integrate with your existing social feeds — including Facebook and Instagram — to make it easier for you to find your favorite photos and videos. So don't worry, you don't have to totally start from scratch here.

Need a visual? I got you. Putting together your profile would look something like this:


I love everything about this idea, you guys. There's something about being able to see a cohesive story or video that gives you such a better idea for a person's personality. And you know what? I've always been a sucker for a good personality.

A picture might be enough to tell you whether or not you'd boink someone, but a video could let you know whether or not you'd do breakfast the next day.