10 Types Of Selfies To Post To Lay Down The Thirst Trap For Your Ex On Instagram

by Candice Jalili

In case you, like me, had not heard the news, today is National Selfie Day.

If you, again like me, are unclear on what that means, my research shows it's a day where you are encouraged to either take more or the same amount of selfies as you usually take, and add #NationalSelfieDay to your caption when you post it all over social media.

Oh, 21st century, how I love and loathe you!

While this "holiday" does, in theory, allow everyone to practice a pretty fun form of self-expression, it also gives us a new, innovative way to make our exes want us back, by giving us an opportunity to casually post super hot, fun, cool pics of ourselves.

Now, you're not being thirsty when you post that selfie to get his attention! You're just celebrating #NationalSelfieDay, duh!

And you don't have to make him jealous with just the standard duck-face, well-lit selfie. No, now, based on what I came across on Twitter today, here are the 10 types of selfies that will help you really reel in the holiday... and lay down that perfect thirst trap for your ex.

1. The "I Roll With Celebs" Selfie

2. The "I'm So Silly Haha" Selfie

3. The "Look How Hot This Filter Makes Me" Selfie

4. The "I Love Animals" Selfie

5. The "IDGAF" Selfie

6. The "I Travel" Selfie

7. The "Look How Many Friends I Have" Selfie

8. The "I'm So Adventurous" Selfie

9. The "I Met Someone Hotter" Selfie

10. The Honest Selfie

Now, to be clear, this was mostly a joke.

Please don't go laying out "thirst traps" for anyone. You're better than that. I know I don't personally know you, but I'm going to go ahead and guess that you are definitely better than that.

If you want to celebrate #NationalSelfieDay, it should be for one reason and one reason only: YOU think YOU look fun/funny/hot/adorable/awesome/cool, and you want to share your fun/funny/hot/adorable/awesome/cool self with the world.

Not because you're trying to trick some loser dude into double tapping a picture you posted.