20 Tweets About National Girlfriend Day That'll Make You Say "LOL, Someone Date Me"

by Candice Jalili

Wondering what day it is today? Well, for starters, it's Tuesday. It's also August 1, 2017, which means that it's also MY DAD'S BIRTHDAY. So, yeah, you could say it's a pretty important day all around.

But most importantly, it's National Girlfriend Day! And let's just say, Twitter is absolutely booming with adorable, yet kind of vomit-inducing tweets of people showing appreciation for their girlfriends... and of course, people wondering, "What girlfriend?"

Weirdly, my boyfriend didn't post a photo montage of us on Twitter in celebration. (So rude, right?) But plenty of other boyfriends and girlfriends did use this holiday as an excuse to shower their girlfriends with some social-media loving.

Like this dude who only has one lady for his heart.

Or this guy who's lucky enough to be dating his best friend.

Or this girl who loves her girlfriend, who she just got engaged to.

Or this guy whose girlfriend is the "biggest blessing" in his life.

His girlfriend is all he has ever wanted.

This guy's girlfriend is "pretty neat."

WATCH OUT. It looks like we've got a winner here. This girl's just been dubbed the best girlfriend ever.

Her girlfriend is her number one.

This guy reigned in National Girlfriend Day with a picture from Selfie Saturday... I mean, does it get more internet than that?

He's so grateful for her allowing him to be her boyfriend.

This girl's girlfriend makes her the happiest girl alive.

There was even this girl who isn't afraid to shower herself with love, even if her boyfriend won't.

Then, there were these people who were all too aware of their singlehood on National Girlfriend Day.

And finally, my favorites: these people who had a more positive approach to the whole being single thing.

All right, HAPPY NATIONAL GIRLFRIEND DAY, EVERYBODY. Time for you to go out there and celebrate, whether you've got a significant other to celebrate with or not.

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