5 Reasons My 2017 Goals Don't Include Finding Love

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If you're like me and got kicked in the ass by 2016 with some disappointments, you probably now have your list of goals for 2017.

Even if by chance you aren't really disappointed with how this year is ending, at least you set up goals for the coming year, right?

Goals make you look forward to tomorrow. We love celebrating New Year's Eve because it feels like a clean slate is presented to us along with promises of improvement and promotion.

And you have the power to achieve your goals. If you fail, the process of trying to do so will change you for the better -- at the very least. You never actually lose when you go all out.

But as for the specifics of my list? Well, my 2017 goals don't include finding love, and here's why.

1. My 2016 breakup hit me hard.

I had my first real relationship this year, which ended before it even made sense. It was intense, despite being a LDR, because we both strived to make it work.

The hopeless romantic in me wanted to marry this guy – “My first and last,” I told myself. But somewhere down the road, my guy lost the job he loved, along with his faith in our relationship.

He got depressed and kept pushing me away when I tried to support him. He suddenly felt we weren't meant to be and thought I could have a better future with someone else.

I was devastated because I only wanted him to return and for us to date like a normal couple. But it finally came to the point where I got tired of being the only person fighting for our relationship and I had to end it.

2. I need to focus on myself.

As you can see, my breakup was life-changing and energy draining, so for 2017, I'll be focusing on myself again.

They say the best time to reform your life is right after a breakup because you're full of angst and you become more mature.

This coming year, I want to make better decisions, as I just turned 25 and I feel like I can't call myself a little girl anymore.

Your 20s should be the years you work the hardest so you can build an empire by your 30s. Don't you agree?

3. Career is priority in 2017.

You won't meet anyone who doesn't yearn to have a better career next year. All of us have some takeaway career lessons from 2016 and we'd like to slay at work in 2017!

Personally, I look forward to a raise, promotion, bonus and professional growth. I want a career I can be proud to talk about in class reunions coming very soon. So, career is priority in my singleness in 2017.

4. Travel is also a priority.

Every trip makes you a better person. Travel cures everything – heartbreaks, stress and the negativities in life – but at the expense of your wallet.

Another reason finding love isn't included in my 2017 goals is because what I want to find is a way to feed my wanderlust!

I need to earn money to sustain my love for travel. And admit it, planning trips is easier when you're single, as you don't take into consideration anybody else.

5. I won't find love, it should find me.

I want love to find me, not the other way around. The best love is one you didn't see coming, right?

I could make a list of my goals for 2017 without love on it, but if someone promising comes knocking on my door next year, why not? It is just not a goal because I don't want to actively hunt it.

For 2017, I have much better things to do instead of actively seeking out love. I believe your goal should always be serious self-improvement, until you actually become "the one" for "the one."