8 Songs To Blast When You're Single AF And Loving It

by Sheena Sharma
Getty Images

Music has healing powers. I'm pretty sure that's actually a proven thing.

And whenever I'm feeling down-and-out about being single, I like to put my headphones in and listen to the throws of women wiser than me. You know, the legends, like Cristina Aguilera and Whitney Houston.

If you're a single girl and you don't have a playlist already on hand for those times you're feeling down in the dumps, you're living life wrong.

You should always have music that will uplift you ready to go because otherwise, you'll spiral. And my dear lady friend, we all know what that leads to: sitting on the couch, ice cream in one hand and vodka in the other.

Guys, you have to remember that being single is only sucky if you let it be sucky.

It's all about frame of mind. Put down the ice cream, get up and take advantage of your single status. Do something you've never done before. You'll surprise yourself at just how much you'll grow from the experience.

But you need the right music to motivate you.

Here are eight songs every single girl should listen to when she desperately needs to feel empowered:

Natasha Bedingfield, "Unwritten"

I'm not just a fan of this song because "The Hills" was my guilty pleasure. It's actually a great song.

It's kind of, like, my travel song. I like to hop on planes and listen to it while I stare out the window and contemplate my journey.

As Bedingfield says, "The rest is still unwritten."

Beyoncé, "Single Ladies"

I'm pretty sure no one in the world doesn't like this song, including the people who aren't single AF.

This jam really just makes me want to get up and dance every time I hear it, even if I'm in a convenience store.

It reminds me why being single really isn't all that bad. Female empowerment all the way, y'all!

Britney Spears, "Work Bitch"

Despite loving to listen to this song when I work out, I also just really enjoy the message behind it.

Britney tells us that if we want anything worth having in life, we have to work hard for it. Everything is possible, it's just a matter of wanting it badly enough.

This includes relationships. Relationships are work, y'all. If you want a deep, meaningful connection with someone, you have to work at it.

Destiny's Child, "Independent Women"

Yet another Beyoncé classic. This one's for all my ladies who've gone through life perpetually single and don't really see an end in sight.

It's also for the women who work their asses off and provide for their own lives. Own it, ladies.

Rachel Platten, "Fight Song"

This one's for the newly single girls. Platten has a ton of inspiring words for girls who've hit rock bottom and need that extra boost to get back up again.

The lyrics go, "This is my fight song. Take back my life song. Prove I'm all right song."

You'll be all right. I promise.

Beyoncé, "Run The World (Girls)"

OK, this is the last Beyoncé song on my list, I promise. It's just that she's so good at uplifting women.

This song makes me think about my family of all women, how they raised me and how they succeeded at everything they put their minds to in life — all without men.

Girls run the world. And don't you forget it.

Taylor Swift, "Welcome To New York"

This song from 1989 isn't just for New Yorkers. The tune takes us through Swift's real-life decision to move to New York during a time in her life in which she was between boyfriends.

The lyrics, "Took our broken hearts, put them in a drawer" are the theme for the anthem. When you need I motivation to do crazy things, I listen to this one.

Lady Gaga, "Marry The Night"

Ah, such a classic. I think Gaga's golden years are behind her, but yours aren't behind you.

Gaga takes us through a typical night for her: Going to a bar alone, heels and all, taking the town as if her last day were tomorrow.

We could all take a cue from Gaga and live ~dangerously~.