Woman Dying Of Cancer Pens Heartfelt Essay About Leaving Her Dreamy Husband Behind

by Alexia LaFata

The New York Times' Modern Love section is one of my favorite things on the internet. The column has produced dozens and dozens of beautiful, moving personal essays from real people about the struggles and triumphs of loving in the modern age.

These are a few of the many, many, many essays that have made me ugly cry over the years.

But today, Modern Love published an essay you'll need a glass of wine and a pillow to sob into while reading because it is just that heartbreaking.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a Chicago native and author of 28 children's picture books, wrote an essay called "You May Want to Marry My Husband" about her experience walking into the emergency room one day and learning that the "no-biggie appendicitis" she thought she had was actually ovarian cancer.

What follows is a description of her "extraordinary" husband of 26 years named Jason, whom — on top of all her other life plans — she realizes she will have to leave behind.

Amy creates a hypothetical "Tinder profile" for Jason, in which she details all of his incredible qualities.

She gushes about how sharply he dresses, how handy he is, his love for live music and how wonderful of a father he is, saying, "Our 19-year-old daughter, Paris, would rather go to a concert with him than anyone else."

He's also an amazing cook, a fun and spontaneous travel companion and someone who knows how to make Amy smile with the littlest of gestures. ("This is a man who emerges from the minimart or gas station and says, 'Give me your palm.' And, voilà, a colorful gumball appears," she writes.)

Basically, he's the man of both your and my dreams.

Then, in what will cause your heart to rip itself open and spill its contents all over the floor, she says that by writing this essay, she hopes "the right person reads this, finds Jason, and another love story begins."

Read her words for yourself here, and try not to sob.

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